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#1 16 years ago

so, i boot up, everything works fine (including explorer/net connection etc) I load up AA and start playing (everything working fine), then when i finish playing when i go to log out it says im not connected anyway? (so i cant discconnect from a game and then load another because it says im timed out or just says its connecting to gamespy and then doesnt), and when i go back to desktop after quitting the game internet explorer just shows the "cannot find server error screen page thing" for all URLs. The internet connection still works though (soulseek will still works for instance), which is wierd. Ive tried scanning my system for spyware and have removed them all and have blocked/immunized against more (hijackers!!???), and done stuff with host files and all manner of arcane detective proceedures and it still does it. can someone point me to a relevant thread or do they have any ideas?, sorry if this has been discussed before but ive tried searching the threads here and have looked through loads and cant find any which outline a similar problem, any ideas? thanks


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#2 16 years ago


its an advanced feature on zone labs firewall to allow dns acess to trusted programes, why this blocks access after some unspecified time and works to begin with i have no idea, but that was it anyway thanks for reading


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#3 16 years ago

u don't have to log-out...