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#1 14 years ago

Hi everyone! I used to be, when I was younger, a keen Megadrive (Genesis) gamer, and I recall renting a game that involved the following:

  • You were to choose to be either Wilee Coyote or The Roadrunner.
  • You had to either hunt the Roadrunner or run away from the Coyote.
  • This was a typical "comedic" looney-toons-ACME-type game with a few bits of cartoonish inputs like the dynamite and traps.
  • I believe it was bordering on having "3d" parts in the graphics, such as crates etc.
  • I remember being on a wooden train in one level, with ACME boxes, and dynamite and all that stuff.

Does anyone know what this mystery Looney Toons-style game could be? Please bear in mind it only contained the Coyote and Roadrunner. Thank you for your input. PS -- Wonderboy in Monster World and Fantastic Dizzy were just so amazing -- just thought I'd say that.