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9th August 2003

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#11 14 years ago


The Megadrive was really cool back then, and right now it is standing down in France. I play it whenever we're on holiday there.

Streets of Rage I/II are my favs.

SoR I: streets-of-rage_02.png

SoR II: sor2.gif


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29th March 2005

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#12 14 years ago

ßeef FlapsC64


Yarr... the C64 here too. I've still got it laying around here with a Vic-20, the tape drive, floppy drive, the monitor, and tons of programs and books.

First console would have to be the original Atari. That's somewhere around here too. I used to love playing it.

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9th December 2003

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#13 14 years ago

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My first computer must have been a pentium II (we had a real craptatic machine before that Pentium, it basically only could to text editting etc. My father took it from with him from work after they ditched it, that was in the mid 90's. No clue what kind if "thing" it was though. :lol: ).


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24th October 2004

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#14 14 years ago

First PC was a real old one, it had MechWarrior 2, Duke Nukem 3D, and Doom 1 and 2 on it. It OWNED!!!1 :lol:

My first console was a PS one, i never really got into console gaming.

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17th June 2003

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#15 14 years ago

Never owned a console, and the first computer belong to the entire family. We got it late 1994 I think, all I know about the specs is that it ran Windows 95 and it most likely had less than 10gb of space. :p My first computer is the one I have right now from 2001, Windows 2000, 1.2ghz AMD processor, 512 RAM, GeForce FX5200, etc...

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15th March 2005

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#16 14 years ago

I believe my first was an Atari, then when I was about 7-ish we got our first Nintendo system (the NES, of course - we were late bloomers to the way of the video games).


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8th August 2004

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#17 14 years ago

My first console was the Sega mastersystem, I used to love that game called Alex kid on it.

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5th June 2004

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#18 14 years ago

Atari, although I do not remember myself playing it, surprisingly at that time (I was like 5) I prefered reading to playing =0, but a few years later I got a NES along with Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, oh crap, I just could not stop playing... stupid dog, it laughed at me at first >_>


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21st March 2004

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#19 14 years ago

Hmmm, first Console was the N64 which I got for Sinterklaas. We had an old computer before though, with 1 huuge floppy drive and one normal floppy drive, I used to play games on it all the time. Hugo's House of Horrors etc. :p

Here's a pic:


It was quite cool, you had to control everything by typing in words E.g. Pick up bone. read letter. Press blue button.

It was quite hard for me it at the time, I had never had English lessons before.


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26th June 2003

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#20 14 years ago

My first was a Sega Genesis. Then a Playstation. And it's been PC's ever since, though I still have the playstation.

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