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#1 15 years ago

Whats the best Splinter Cell and why ?

I think that Chaos Theory is the best in the series.

Reason: Chaos Theory has amazing graphics, some of the best graphics ever seen in a Xbox game since Doom 3 and Halo 2. A great story involving Sam Fisher resolving a conflict between North and South Korea, featuring loads of great textures and outlines in the levels locations like the lighthouse, where the rocks have great textures, the best looking level in the game.

Sam Fisher is knocking on abit this time round his age shows a bit like bits of gray highlights in his hair, but he still manages to get his job done, perhaps the best character ever seen in any videogame.

The online mode is'nt bad either the graphics aren't as good as the single player, the VS mode was alright but no where near as good as the co op mode, where you team up with a friend in 2 player splitscreen or Xbox live, online is the best for this sort of thing. Theres a interesting twist in the co op where it tyes into the single player where the spies you play end up talking to Sam Fisher from the actual part of the single player in the Seoul mission, only this time its from the the spies point of view not Sams.

Ok thats my reason, what do you think is the best Splinter Cell and why ?