Where do you buy games? 21 replies

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12th April 2007

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#21 14 years ago

ebay's where the gold's at. Seriously though, there's no point in buying new games. A couple of months after release date, you can find them in the cheap bins o in ebay half price... sometimes they bundle them up and you can get them at a fraction of the price (i.e. the MOH series for PS2)


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23rd August 2006

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#22 14 years ago

Totally. Also, on Amazon there are people who somehow manage to buy games and sell them on, running a 3rd party business through amazon. they seem to get the games on release and sell at a good Ā£5-15 cheaper than the highstreet (GAME, HMV, Virgin w/e). Also with the net, it takes you 30 seconds to get the price of the item from like 5 different suppliers, not an hour walking round town.

Im also starting to think that some of these game download companies like "direct to drive" may be worth investigating...