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#1 13 years ago

hey folks! I like to play smaller, indie games onces in a while. The one I particularly like now is Mad Caps. With bigger games, it's fairly easy to find a discount, especially if the game was on the market for a while. But I tried the usuall suspects for Mad Caps and found nothing. Ebay.com - 1 obviously pirated copy for, like, two bucks. Pricegrabber.Com - nothing Shopping.Com - nothing Froogle - they seem to want to sell me actuall caps. The only discount I as able to find was at Deprice.Com. Here is the actual link http://www.deprice.com/madcaps.htm But it's a measly 10% Off I am sure there must be other discounter that specialize in indie games, not just Deprice. Anyone can't give me a few suggestions? Don't suggest Amazon.com - nothing there or in their zShop. Your help is appreciated.