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#1 13 years ago

Which ps3 system is for you?

Well, I made this topic to help those who wanted to get a ps3, but aren’t sure which version to get. I’m sure Gamespot or IGN will come up with their own, one day. But this is what I gathered to help you make your choice. Here are a few tables to compare and contrast what you will get. PS3 1st class is the expensive one that costs 600. PS3 2nd class is the 500 dollar one. PS3 1st class has this

- dual HDMI - Memory stick - Compact flash - SD card ports - 60GB of Hard Disk Drive Space - Wi-Fi wireless built-in

The PS3 2nd class doesn’t have any of that, but it does have 20GB of Hard Disk Space.

What are shown on the table are the differences of both setups. That’s where it all ends. There is no difference in the quality of the game’s graphics by getting either of the two systems. Let’s say you are aware of the differences and yet you still don’t know what to get. Or you just don’t know what some of that stuff is for and you would like to know. Let’s start off with the simple stuff.

Hard Disk Drive Space – for the most part, you want for space. The higher the number, the better it is. The PS3 will let you save games on to the hard drive, and you can download stuff from the network on the PS3. The more space you have, the more stuff you can download. 60GB is more flexible then 20GB. But both are a lot, so I’m for the most part am sure, very few people will even reach 15GB of space filled. But if you’re the kind of person that has a library of games and are planning to get many, many, more or just download stuff off the network a lot, then get the 60GB. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. There is a chance Sony could sell full games online without the disk and all and save it to your PS3. If that is the case, then the 60GB will come in handy if you plan on buying your games like that. It’s not a definite, but it’s not like Sony couldn’t do it.

Wi-Fi wireless built in – well, this is something good to have. This lets you connect to the internet or network without having to mess with wires. Also, the PSP will be compatible with the PS3, Which is good news for PSP owners. Some games will allow you to use the PSP in different ways, having Wi-Fi allows you to connect to the PS3 with your PSP without wires. Another way I heard you can use it, is to interchange content on your PSP with what ever you have saved on your PS3. Let’s say you are on a long road trip, and you were listening to all your songs on your PS3. You’re done with your play list, so you head to an area with free Wi-Fi and you can change out your play list from the PSP to something you have on your PS3. It’s not really needed, but nice to have.

Duel HDMI – this lets you play on huge HDTV(s) with the highest quality possible!!! You are going to want this if you own a large HDTV or something that promotes HD display. You can still connect to it without it, but you might not get the full advantage with out it. Being their there are two HDMI’s “notice the word Duel” that means you can hook up to two or more HDTV’s no problem. So instead of split screen action, you and your pall can play on two TV’s with your own display of the game from your perspective. You might be able to set up a small LAN party with you and a few of your palls with just one PS3. 4 of you get one HDTV, and the other 3 (4 if Sony makes the PS3 hold 1 extra controller) can have the other HDTV.

SD card ports – well, this is pretty mush a port for SD cards. SD cards are more or less, memory cards that can hold a lot of data and various formats. Personally, I don’t see much use for such a thing. But I guess it helps to just back up your information you saved on your PS3. Maybe you could take an SD card and go on the internet with it, download 3rd party fan made stuff from a website, and upload it to the PS3. That’s my guess on it. But again, it’s something that is more or so an unneeded accessory. Especially considering the PS3 online network will give you access to plenty of content already. Compact Flash – Compact Flash cards are designed with flash technology, a non-volatile storage solution that does not require a battery to retain data indefinitely. Compact Flash storage products are solid state, meaning they contain no moving parts, and provide users with much greater protection of their data than conventional magnetic disk drives. In all, this pretty much makes d**n sure that what ever you have on the PS3 wont get erased. That’s unless you do it your self.

Memory Stick – well, the PS3 will come with or without a memory stick depending on which class you buy. In all a memory stick is a memory card. From what I can tell, it wont be much different (if not, it’s the same thing) from the PSP memory stick. I guess that’s where the SD port comes in, but I’m still not sure of the functionality of this thing. If you buy a 60GB removable hard drive, why would you need a memory stick? Maybe its something extra for your PSP Sony assumes you bought to go with your PS3.

Price - For the most part, it’s either a choice between 500 or 600 big ones (not including tax). The great thing about the price though, is that if you can afford 500 bucks on the spot, then you can save an extra hundred up to buy the 600 dollar one. Remember, at the time of writing this, the PS3 is yet to be out in stores. It won’t be out till November 06 (if Sony stays true to their promise and doesn’t move it to November 07). If you currently can’t afford the 500 bucks, you still might be able to save up for the 600 dollar one, but if your still not able to produce that kind of cash by October 06, then you might want to just go with the 500 dollar price tag. And remember, this isn’t going to be the price of the PS3 forever; I expect the prices to drop by 08. But how much it drops by, I’m not sure.

Here is something else to help you make your choice if the above still didn’t help.

Buy First Class if 2 or more items on this list relates to you. 1. You own one or more HDTV’s 2. You own or are planning on getting a PSP 3. You plan on downloading, and saving a lot of content on your HDD. 4. Making sure your info doesn’t get erased is a big thing for you. 5. You have more than enough money to buy an ALX PC from Alien ware Remember, with just 15GB of space, that’s more then enough space to save a library of games already. 20GB is plenty; 60GB is just something you can’t hope to come close in filling.

Let me know if this helps you ok :-D


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#2 13 years ago

I wana say it first!!!!1111 PC FTW PC> console. :rolleyes:

Now that the common PC fanboi response is out I am going for the $600 setup. Going to be sweet. Anyone hear of a new Twisted Metal in the making?