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#51 11 years ago

I went on Youtube and watched the cutscenes. WAAY better than Clone Wars, but does that say a lot?

sorry but i might be rehashing an already covered game/studio/publishers, but it's another point i haven't exactly seen given.

Bioware: we got KoTOR and Mass Effect. Now, the latter, if you can get it to run... Brilliant game. Although I do hate the speech selection thing, its either not sensitive enough and suddenly i'm clicking early, or too late and clicking too late, and so either doing intimidate ones when i don't want to, or charm ones when i want to do intimidate etc. Anyway

Bioware+EA... Mass Effect, Brill when plays, but loads of bugs. Bioware+LucasArts... KoTOR [1]. Brilliant, and does play. Obsidian+LucasArts... KoTOR [2]. Okayish, but it was unfinished. I didn't even complete the game since the unfinishedness got to me.

Is there a Obsidian+EA game? I shudder to imagine.

Westwood when it wasn't part of EA... well not exactly part of EA. we got TibSun... woot. EA Disolves Westwood and produces Generals. Okay, this aint CNC! Boo. Then TibWar. Mmm. Okay but where's our Mammoth Walkers?! Our NOD Banshee-descendants?! Instead we get ones that look not-alien-at-all! BOO! *cough* sorry. I'm calm. I'm calm. Imagining clear calm water with the sound of soft waves on a coast... "Kirov Report-"AAARGH! KILLEMALL! :p

Bethesda. Star Trek Legacy. Nuff Said.


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#52 11 years ago
Serio;4909552It might not have been received as another KotOR, but it wasn't a complete failure. I think "meh" sums up the reviews it got. Not good, not bad.

Exactly, the problem is that people don't remember the other "meh" games or "holy crap this sucks" games, they just remember the masterpieces. So naturally when a "meh" game comes out, what is it going to be compared to? No one's gonna say "It's better than Star Wars: Obi Wan!" They're going to say "It's not as good as KOTOR!"

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#53 11 years ago
EA Disolves Westwood and produces Generals. Okay, this aint CNC! Bo

Come on. Even you have to agree that generals is a spin off of the CNC series and arguably one of the best CnC games. As opposed to the jokes of of the third installments. :P

Again, overall I see the worst publisher to be Lucasarts. Don't really have a worst dev though.