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#1 9 years ago

First of all, where to complain? The whole game sucks. There's so much nonsense I feel retarded after having played it so much. I have had a lot of frustrating moments playing this game the past few weeks, so why do I play? Because I love the idea. Everything else sucks! The reason I uninstalled the game from my computer a second time is that a battle ship, with a yellow bar, whatever that means, attacked a transport and lost. I've heard stories of Liberty ships taking torpedoes and jet airplane fire for hours and still managinf their way back to the states but I ain't never heard of a big metal tub with anti aircraft guns taking out battle ships. I can see their 16 hit point rating, but strictly in defensive, the same way a wall is defensive, it don't give back nothing. And obviously I'm aware that transports don't hit back so ifyou're thinking that's what I meant please just quietly excuse yourself. This game really doesn't give modern units their just due. Battle ships in particular should have a bombardment radius, and just where it kinda sort of hurts the target, but absolutely devastates it. They should take a 60% city defense down to 12 in one strike, that's reality. Also, helicopters and knights? I've had helicopters injured by them. Can't the programmers put a cap on non projectile units so that they die indiscriminately. At least against the airborn ones. Yes, this game sucks, great idea, but very porrly designed, oh how I've longed to punch the head programmer in the teeth, because this game really sucks, but it's the only one of it's kind, and it's addicting like crack, like a lame ass crack session on history. Damn this game sucks.


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#2 9 years ago
rom396;4807333...pointless rambling...

The problem you are facing has a simple name: It's called 'balancing#. :smokin:


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18th January 2009

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#3 9 years ago

I used to play this game also, but i stopped. A knight destroyed a helicopter for me, and a frigate destroyed my Uboat. Once i played a group of longbowmen destroyed my PANZER!!!