will STO support dual core and/or 64-bit CPU's? 0 replies

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14th December 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I've heard around the tech discussion forums that SWG (other MMORPG.. closest thing to STO, just not nearly as cool) is one of very few games to support dual core processors. With all of the latest CPU's being dual core, and lots of the latest software and hardware being desinged for compatibility with 64-bit OS's and 64-bit CPU's, do you think that Star Trek Online will be able to support any of these technologies? They say that games should be designed to run perfectly on the systems released for the holiday's the year before. That would put the target system at around an average system of this christmas, but will everyone be switching to dual cores and 64-bit OS's that soon? I really hope that it is, because I get new computers faster than you can say "sexeh like teh gizmo" a few thousand times fast and I'll probably be on a dual core AMD system by then...