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Wind of Luck: Arena

Not meant to be spam. I simply played a game and wanted to let others know about it. I recently discovered the game Wind of Luck by Trazzy Entertainment, and it pleasantly surprised me. I am a gamer who likes to jump into games without knowing much about them, and this is exactly what I did with this game. The menus and concept of the game are easy to grasp, and there are no tutorials in game, which I like. However, if anyone needs a tutorial, there are plenty available on the website, which provides tips to play the game to its fullest potential. It is a naval combat game, and with that, its main focus is PvP.

The concept of the game is quite simple, but its design makes up for its simplicity. There are three ships to choose from at first, but players can buy more with the money they gain from winning matches. When I played my first match, I had to wait in a small queue for enough players to join. This is typical for team-based PvP matches, but when the game began, it was two teams of three players. This can increase to 10 players per side, and the matches last for 15 minutes. This game features different maps; one is an Arctic area, and one with sandy beaches on islands. There is a map in the lower left-hand corner to maneuver around the islands and icebergs in the area.

The gameplay is interesting, and it is realistic, which I prefer. The sails can be raised or lowered, and the amount of oars can be increased during battle. There is a tool that shows the direction and power of the wind, which adds to the realistic effect of the game. The different ships to choose in the game have different stats such as durability and speed. When sailing, the ship moves like a ship in real life. One cannot simply turn around in an instant but make wide turns. This causes some difficulty when needing to aim at other ships, but makes the game more interesting. With catapults, objects can be thrown at enemy ships. The cannons on the sides of the ships are not able to just aim wherever the player pleases. It shoots in one direction, while being raised or lowered, so the other ship needs to be in that area to get a direct hit. Of course, if you are able to hit the other ship, they are able to hit you as well. This creates the need to position yourself where you can hit the opposing ship and make a quick getaway so you do not also take damage. After so many hits, the ships will be destroyed and sink.

The game takes practice. That is apparent after the first few matches. It is a team effort, which would be best playing with friends. I can see the potential in how strategy would work in this game, and I have used strategy in most games I’ve played recently. I think strategy would be the best part of the game because outwitting opponents is very satisfying. Overall, this game is really fun, and I recommend it to other players who like to play games with naval combat or PvP.