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#1 14 years ago

Hi Guys and Ladies, Some of you may have run across me playing SOF2 under the name Lucifer AM. The AM clan is no more due to immature squabbling and disrespect of older members by some of the new recruits we allowed to join. Whilst a Co-Leader of AM I must admit I was one of the biggest cheats around, but only on known cheat servers, against other cheaters. mainly because there is no honor in beating players on unfair terms.The main reason for cheating to take it to a more challenging level almost like an aimbot arms race against fellow cheaters. Now you are aware of my background I will explain the reason for posting here. I play COD totally cheat free, and my occupation is in the financial sector.My job entails being fully aware of Data Protection Law, which is law across the whole EU.I am aware that it doesnt apply in the USA and Asia etc but they must have equivalent protection. I have just read the policy statement at evenbalance as regards PB protection. "Our software inspects the displayed screen, processes and files associated with each computer system on which it is running for the purpose of authenticating those systems for play in a "cheat free" environment. The primary purpose of the scanning procedures is to inspect for the purpose of authenticating honest users who wish to compete fairly together. Our inspection procedures consist of three types: 1) validating that only non-hacked original software is being used during multiplayer competition, 2) examining files that match the profile (or signature) of known cheating programs, and 3) sending screen captures during gameplay. Our software does not, nor will it ever, without the explicit consent of users, make changes to any non-PunkBuster files on users' systems (such consent would be received through a confirmation action within the PunkBuster software and not as part of our Software Terms). Furthermore, our software will not perform "hard disk scans" looking through large portions of users' directories and/or file systems. Private data is not transmitted by PunkBuster from a user's system to a PunkBuster server." Now as a knowledgeable cheater, I know full well that most hacks these days do not have to be in the main game directory, and can in fact be anyware on the hard drive. So either the scan is useless, or PB does in fact scan your files.That aside, my main issue is the hardware.In an online environement, your IP is basically public knowledge, and I agree that PB can access that. Also the game key is part of the software installed when you install the game so thats fair enough also. However my private hadware, and any information pertaining to it, is mine and mine alone, and without explicit permission to obtain that information, as far as I am concerned, anyone who does so is in breach of Data Protection Law, as I am in the UK and covered by it.This situation in fact contradicts PB's own statement "Private data is not transmitted by PunkBuster". I have sent an email to evenbalance, logically and methodically worded, but so far have received no reply.A friend in the USA who used to work for the FBI has also sent them an email, and was in no uncertain terms told to drop his line of thinking.My issue is that to me PB is the next global company that breaks the rules when it feels like it, and this is even more annoying in part because they dont even make the games, and I have signed no agreement with them when I purchased my game.The situation can even arise that I could be banned for buying a pice of second hand hardware, or for allowing others to share my computer, and most worryingly for no reason at all purely because someone has spoofed their hardware and the info matches mine. I post this to fire up peoples awareness of the wider picture involved, and to show that not all cheaters cheat at every game and some of us are worried about the implications affecting all gamers worldwide. Feedback would be appreciated. Many Thanks Lucifer


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#2 14 years ago

Nice Thoughts, im an Americas Army Player which also runs on PunkBuster. I am currently conducting some "cheat research" ,if you will. A few of my buddies and I are downloading the newest hacks for the game, and testing them on our own authorized server (using a different account of course), and so far, we have tested a total of 8 different hacks, and have recieved just ONE punkbuster global GUID ban. I assure you that you will never catch us outside of our server using them. We are doing this to not only reveal PB's Flaws, but also learn how to spot a cheater who tries to hide his hacks.

We have already learned alot, and still have apprrox. 10 hacks to download and test. After testing we are planning to reinstall americas army.


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#3 14 years ago

Hi, Thanks for the feedback guys.I think in part you may be right, but so far noone has mounted any serious challenge to the way punbuster works, but let me show you one of the simple ways a court would take this seriously. Say I'm at home running sof2 in windowed mode. In the background word is running with a confidential document I am writing, which just so happens to be work related and financially beneficial to anyone who can get their hands on it. When PB takes its screenshot is it only of the game window or the whole screen? Lets take it further.We know PB scans your files, has to do to detect hacks outside game directory.So it also scans your internet favourites? And can obtain from this the address of any hacker site or any website you regularly visit. What makes it different to any other spyware then? And when will be the first time do you think, that someone is prosecuted for being a paedophile, and part of the evidence is info from a PB scan? When you take this to a higher level its a bit worrying. I hope the Prime Minister Blair and President Bush dont play SOF2 at work! Lucifer