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#1 10 years ago

Mainly I got a problem with the military aspect. First of all, units such as cannons or catapults should be capable of being captured, it just doesn't make sense to destroy them. Perhaps the people of the town they're in, when sacked, could destroy the units rather then have them fall into their enemies hands, and that should be a 50/50 chance, but outside the walls they get captured.

Then there's the issue of enemy roads, in what fantasy world would a foreign army not be able to use the roads unless destroyed by the retreating army? And the sphere of influence should be pushed backed around advancing enemy units. I agree there should be some local resistance to the movements of military units when passing through hamlets or villages, not cottages, and when units are left there, unless fortified, they run the risk of being sabotaged by the residences of the hamlet, that makes sense, otherwise, a road is a road.

Also, units such as riflemen and higher versus units like spearmen or pikemen, swordsman, anything that has no projectiles in their arson, should have 100% victory unless attacked or attacking in either hilly or forest tiles or against city walls. And, all units should have attacking advantages from favorable tiles, as is, you pretty much have to match your enemy 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 depending on units involved, to have a favorable result, and all attacking untits should have the chance of withdrawal, making it the defenders responsibility to follow up for the kill, all too often the computer just lets you attack knowing those are it's best odds for victory and that's just lame.

One thing I would really like to see changed is the way units are made. For example, lets say you have a very large city population wise but it has hardly no production, just cornfields, then you have a small mountainous city with very high production, these 2 should compliment one another. The city makes with high production makes rifle units or whatever weapon is in style, the other trains men and takes from the over all population, you could say 30% of any given population is able bodied, draft them, give them a gun. The units now have a number stamped on them representing how many soldiers present. To make them battle ready, simply place them in the same city as the weapon units and they will automatically combine. Seems logical to me, and then in battle, when a unit almost dies off, you would have to replenish them with more men, there, now it's even harder than before.

Also, the way they engage, a unit occupies one tile that represents what looks like hundreds of square miles, kinda vague, when they attack, the view should close in on the tile, that tile and those tiles within striking distance should break up into many small tiles, giving the player the option to deploy as many or as little troops to different areas of the relevant tiles depending on the enemie's position, there by increasing or decreasing the unit's likly hood of success. Wouldn't that be strategic? This could be an "advance battle" option or whatever for those not into it. As is, the only strategy really is when to deploy troops, trying to take into consideration how far they have to travel.

Then there's the farm/cottage/mine thing. It's not a huge deal, but like I said before, these tiles appear to be hundreds of square miles each, can't you combine these attributes to one tile, there by dividing what they yeild?

And I still have no idea how much units cost to maintain or city attributes, I get why money comes in, but not why it goes out, a finacial sheet would be a good idea, one for each city.

One thing that really pissed me off was I accepted a vassal state, I didn't even know what that was, but then I couldn't declare war on the guy, and I couldn't find any information how to get rid of it. A game called "War Lords" you should ALWAYS be able to declare war, to hell with the politics. Why don't you just call it something like, "Al Gore's: History the Way it Should've Been," or try telling the Nazis they can't declare war on Poland due to the Versaillies treaty. I wanna play a game that at least trys to mimick reality and what I see here is a good start, but it's in need of some serious revision.

That's about all I can think of to complain about.