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2nd October 2006

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#41 12 years ago
No, you spend a lot more time than that (particularly before you have a mount) and so it will take longer to complete the quests. and since you pay money per period of time, the longer you take to progress the more money they make.

I see what you mean. but thats the whole point in the game, yes its expensive, but they need that money for updates and fixing, keeping servers running, paying work forces, future games etc. There are tons of way making money in WoW, thats the whole point, some ways are eaiser and some took longer, but the reward was more. But hey, welcome to capitalism everyone wants you're money.

Turn-based was a bad way to describe it, but its the: I click once to attack (not counting abilities) concept, instead of something like Dark Messiah where the combat is much less dull.

You mean click your mouse button violently untill there is a finger shaped dent in the left side of the mouse?

yes,I don't know why its addicting. No, I do not just nod at what the critics say because I played WoW and have experienced all the bad factors myself but still don't know why it was addicting for me.

Then this goes to my point of it must not be addicting because me and you quit without any problems, me, I got bored of it. People are differen't and we both have differen't needs. It would be like calling all drinkers alcoholics without having no sources to back up the case.


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#42 12 years ago
Vasili;4191737Why is it Blizzards fault around 8 million people like the game? You think all those people are lifeless geeks? I played WoW for a bit, and still kept my social life with my friends. People have differen't interests than others, who has the right to call people lifeless, just because you don't agree to it.

Who has the right to call a game more "Superior" to then all the other just because they like it? That's what pissed me off... And i think what he means about the combat is that it's the same repetitive attack over and over again. WHICH, is why i hate MMORPG's... And the fact that you have to pay money for a game which you already own, when other games offer FREE online play... (mainly FPS's) Yes i do know the companys run the servers but still, MMORPG's in general, i have a pet peeve for everything about them, the grinding, the dull, lifeless combat, the bland graphics, and just everything... I mean i can't even imagine at how people get so worked up about "OH MY GAWWWWDDD! I have level 30 mining!" or how you can get "into" a seriously unpolished fighting system where it's basicaly a click contest of who can do things fastest.