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22nd May 2007

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Hey, all MMO addict out there like me! With Your Destiny (Global) released its episode 1 titled “Chaos World” it’s a cool story! Here are the brief story lines of the episode 1. Episode 1: CHAOS WORLD “Nothing has more strength than dire necessity”. - Euripides (Greek playwright c.480 - 406 BC) The gods were growing restless by the day. Perched high above in their heavenly thrones, they were intensely discussing among themselves the result of their ill-fated war against the humans. Some were of the opinion that the attacks should have raged on until the obliteration of the human race was completed. Still, others argued that a decisive final blow would soon be forthcoming and the inevitable destruction of humanity was all but guaranteed. In their final reckoning, the rampage of the gods would be too much for even the most disciplined and fearless army the humans could muster. Looking down below to their subjects, the gods were witnessing a renaissance like no other. What was once a desolate and bloodied wasteland is now becoming a fertile breeding ground for a new generation of proud and headstrong humans. Still bearing the battle scars from the great wars, the elders vowed to raise a whole new breed of fierce and proud warriors who will continue their crusade. Even if the tragic memories of destruction they witnessed still lingered, chaos now seemed like a forgotten era. The reverence and fear the humans once held for the gods was now replaced with an unyielding fervor to begin anew. It was thru the untiring efforts of an enterprising band of heroes that mankind was able to rebuild what was left of their communities. Once they had established their community, they went to far-away lands to search for more survivors. Eventually, their efforts paid off as they started building up their strength through sheer number. Their society became vibrant once again and their culture and economy flourished. It was during this time of rebuilding that they realized their strength lay in their diversity. They were of different races, belief and traditions but now they have become united in the same fight and in the same aspirations. Maybe there is still hope yet for humans and their world of chaos Wicked huh! You can check it your self WYD - Episode I : With Your Destiny I believe they going to released their open beta this coming June. ^_^