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#1 6 months ago

This is a new gaming controller from Microsoft which, although very odd looking at first glance, is actually designed to be super adaptive to players with disabilities and other special needs.

It has 19 3.5mm jacks on the side of it, yes, 19. Why? So it can be used to connect to all manner of devices that may be used by people with disabilities, such s movement sensors, eye tracking devices, speach devices, or anything you can think of. If the device is capable of sending a signal down a 3.5mm Jack, the adaptive controller can be configured to allow that person to play video games. Oversized buttons, finger switches, blowing tubes, foot pedals, anything could be hooked up to this device.

After exploring the ways hospitals, charity groups, and non-profit organizations already help limited-mobility gamers enjoy the hobby (and pay for unwieldy, specialized gear), in 2015 Microsoft's Xbox research group started an initiative to build an Xbox-branded hub that can bring down costs and frustration for users and caretakers alike. One year later, this skunkworks project received funding and a pathway to become an official Microsoft retail product.

Seems like a very cool idea to me.

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