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I'm making a Multiplayer Use Map Settings StarCraft (it requires Brood War) map (I suppose one could play it on single player, but the file's name starts with a X, and StarCraft has that glitch where people with a lot of maps can't play custom maps in single player because the list doesn't show up all the way [plus this map is for multiplayer]) called Xenomorph. It is based off of Alien (as well as Predator and Aliens versus Predator). You control one marine that starts with a M3A1 Pulse Rifle (the 4 other players also start with M3A1 Pulse Rifles, you can get other weapons later on) and are on board a Colonial Marine starship. However you have to board a dropship and go down to LV-426 to secure a colony that the United States has lost contact with (this is set after the Hadley's Hope incident and the United States government already knows about Xenomorphs and the Yautja), you and your team know that there is a high probability that Xenomorphs may be involved, and where there are Xenomorphs, there are ussually Predators (Yautja). I am using several WAVE files in the map and it is 256x256. This is going to be an RPG map and will be very long and very hard. I began making the map on Tuesday, March 17, 2009. If anyone here wants to know more about the map or test it, please contact me. Here is a link to the map's official website: URL removed

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