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#1 15 years ago

Hey there, name is Andrew Mechem, AKA Amechem on BF2. I play hard and got my buddies over at the xoxideforums to join up.

We got a good community, and so I got them into getting a BF2 ranked server for us. I Admin as well as 3 others. We are looking for support. Anyone can come on, but most nights its full. We offer a reserved slot, vent, mod rights, for just 5.50.

Probably one of the lowest prices out there, since it does NO profit for us. We simply want to have a good time

It is the first server i have never been found to SCREAM at and get n00b crazy. Honestly its probably the best i've ever played on, come see for yourself sometime.

Our biggest issues right now are: Funding More game time.

WE usually can play for 5hrs+ each night, but we'd like to advance that. We feel 5.50 isnt much to ask and so were trying to see if more people would want to get on with us and play. You dont have to be a clan guy or anything, but always having a fun spot to play for a low price is something we can offer.

Post with any Q's or Anything more you want to know about.