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#21 2 years ago
Posted by RadioActiveLobster The first console exclusive that really pissed me off was Rogue Squadron II.

I had the first one on PC and it was amazing. The second one was only on the Gamecube and I took it as a personal insult.

Sheeit...I didn't even know there was a #2.  I owned the original on N64 and now on Steam.  That really set the standard for 3D space fighters.  

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#22 2 years ago
Posted by RadioActiveLobster Even though I haven't' played it I'd concur purely because you can play that version at 60 FPS.

That, and the PS4 Remastered version includes the Left Behind DLC. You need to buy Left Behind separately on PS3 version.


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#23 2 years ago
Posted by Adrian Ţepeş
Posted by RadioActiveLobster
The first console exclusive that really pissed me off was Rogue Squadron II.

I had the first one on PC and it was amazing. The second one was only on the Gamecube and I took it as a personal insult.
Sheeit...I didn't even know there was a #2.  I owned the original on N64 and now on Steam.  That really set the standard for 3D space fighters.  

Rogue Squadron 3D was the game I bought my first "3D Accelerator" for. I can't even remember what it was. I think it was a 3DFX one.

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#24 2 years ago

Well, mine goes;

Sega Master System >
Sega Mega Drive >
Playstation 1 >
Nintendo 64 >
Sega Dreamcast >
Playstation 2 >

Sort of ended up falling off the console bandwagon at this point until......

Xbox 360

Then when I moved out and started earning my own money and whatever it's just been a a bit of buy anything and everything, multiple console household, but have had 360's, PS3, Wii etc.

Never had a current gen i.e. Xbox One or PS4, but that's cause I've put all my money into my gaming PC.

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#25 2 years ago

Commodore 64 > NES > Sega Genesis > Nintendo 64 > Computer > PCMR 4 LIFE!

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#26 2 years ago

Disclaimer: My console history is all over the place. I'll do them in order of acquisition as best I can, but I've had a lot of beer over the years so fuck it. 

  • Dragon 32 - This wasn't mine, technically. It was my dad's. He originally used it to make some money and learn programming before I was even an accident. The owner of a little-known shop at the end of the road he lived on, called Bargain Booze (FT has probably heard of them), commissioned him to make adverts for them, and he used the Dragon to put text on their video tapes (which was a novelty at the time). By the time I came along it was fairly obsolete, but he let me play some games on it for a while. I must have been five or six, I guess? We still have the thing. I've now claimed it as my inheritance. The thing still works, but I can't for the life of me figure it out anymore. It's amazing how much you forget.
  • Sega Mega Drive II - The cool, sleek one that proper cool kids had. My first proper console. I still own it, and I was playing on it a few weeks ago, actually. I could never get rid of it. I have countless games for the thing too. There used to be an indie game shop not far from where we lived, which sold cheap Mega Drive games. I think I bought all of them.
  • Sega Master System - I inherited this from a cousin. I didn't really use it much, as I already had the Mega Drive. I still have it, though - it's even in its original box.
  • Nintendo Game Boy (OG) - It was yellow. When I was a kid, my mother dragged us to 'dog shows' on weekends throughout summer, and I wanted to commit suicide every time. She got me a Game Boy one Christmas to shut me up. It didn't work, though - it wasn't a Sega Game Gear. Still kept it, though. I've never been much for mobile gaming, however, and barely used the thing.
  • Sega Saturn - Not a fan, but I had one. I only had two games for it - Tomb Raider and Virtua Fighter. By the time I got this, I'd inherited the Windows 95 PC my dad stole from his own business when it failed, on which I was playing things like Starfleet Academy. And I mean, compared to triangle tits, there was just no competition. I still have this one too, also in its original box.
  • Sega Dreamcast - I love this console, but it was neglected because I got my first (as in, it was all mine) brand new PC the year after. I still had a bunch of games for it, though. Of course, I continue to own it. 
  • Nintendo 64 - Aforementioned cousin was getting rid of some stuff again, and I nabbed his old N64, along with all of the classic games. I quite liked it actually, but it's a Nintendo system, so... it's fucking dead to me. I still have it, and my nephew actually enjoys borrowing it from time to time. Mario 64 is timeless I suppose.
  • Xbox 360 - I skipped a generation. Technically I skipped a couple, because I was a PC gamer during the golden age of PC gaming so the Dreamcast was neglected, and I never owned a PS1 or PS2. By 2008, though, I really couldn't be arsed with it all anymore (haven't had a gaming PC since), so I picked up a 360. 
  • PlayStation 3 - A couple of years after the 360, I picked up a PS3 as a secondary console, purely to play the exclusives. Wasn't a fan of the console itself. For some reason, the console itself is in the boot of my car, and has been for almost a year. I don't know why it's in there, nor why I haven't retrieved it. I had a bit of a blank year or so, though, so it's anybody's guess.
  • PlayStation Vita - Why? I don't know. I thought they were lovely machines, especially that OLED screen. Never used the fucking thing. You'd think I'd have learned from the Game Boy.
  • Nintendo Wii - I received an Amazon giftcard for my birthday once, and for some reason decided to use it to buy a Wii. It would have been around 2011, I suppose, towards the tail end of the console's life. The only games I bought for it were Mario Galaxy and Zelda: Skyward Sword. They were pretty good, but waggle really isn't my thing.
  • Xbox One - In 2015 I got a £400 tax rebate. At the time, I wasn't planning to upgrade from my 360; my plan was to pick up all the 360 games I'd missed for peanuts, and play through those. Then I had free money and thought fuck it, if I don't buy one of the new consoles, I'll just drink it. I actually went to buy a PS4, but I bought the Bone on the strength of two things - I preferred the controller, and when I went to pay for the PS4 the cashier asked me if I wanted to buy a PSPlus membership card. Which reminded me that I still had 11 months of Xbox Live left, so I changed my mind. Glad I did; I've played both Fallout 4 and Skyrim to death, but the mods I've been using just wouldn't be available on the PS4.

I think that's all of them. As mentioned, much beer has happened.

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#27 2 years ago

I think mine went PlayStation 2 -> Xbox 360 -> PlayStation 3 -> PlayStation 4. Throw a Nintendo 3DS into the mix, too.

In recent days, I've been very tempted to get a Nintendo Switch, too. 

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#28 2 years ago

Windows 3.1 Laptop (was too young to really remember much about the specs or anything) and Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis was my first introduction.  The first console was the Nintendo 64, and the first mobile was Gameboy Color.

Consoles I own:

Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 (original model), Playstation4, Xbox, Xbox 360,  Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Sega GameGear, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii

PC related gaming:

Windows 7 desktop for modding/general gaming, Windows 10 Desktop for HTC Vive VR, 10 yr old Windows 7 laptop that can still play Elite Force and occasionally Skyrim