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7th December 2003

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#1 12 years ago

Post your favourite civilization and why you like it.

The first game I played as Japanese. I liked that they get an early special unit (Samurai) because it seems to get more difficult to conquer cities later in the game. Their traits (agressive and organised) seemed to be a good combination for an early attack but eventually it wasn't as easy as I imagined.

The next time I will probably try a nation with the philosophical trait.

Here is a list of all nations, their traits, special units and starting technologies:


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30th December 2002

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#2 12 years ago

I'm so lame, I always end up using the Americans. I swear, that the next game I start will be with another civilization. I'm thinking I'll try Russia, Rome or Japan.

The main reason I use America all the time is I find it easier to keep track of cities with names I'm familiar with (or can at least pronounce!).

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#3 12 years ago

Russia is who I predominately play as (as always) and generally as Peter the Great. Although I prefer Catherine’s Hereditary Rule civic to Peter’s Police State, his two traits Expansive (+2 health per city) and Philosophical (+100% Great People birth rate) are great for your nations development and have really helped out in a pinch.



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#4 12 years ago

i would love a chocolate covered peanut


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#5 12 years ago

Russian and Peter the Great.

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#6 12 years ago

india (gandhi). spiritual, so you get a head-start to the religions race as well as no anarchy between system changes, and industrious (50% build bonus on wonders). plus you get the fast work, which is without a doubt the best unique unit in the game.


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2nd May 2003

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#7 12 years ago



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28th September 2004

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#8 12 years ago

Haven't played too many yet, but I'm in a long hot-seat game with my brother as the Chinese, and I'm quite happy with them. The Chu-Ko-Nu repeating crossbow is the coolest thing. mercenario.jpg

Besides, I'm pretty interested in East Asia, in part because I've got a cousin from China and two second cousins from Korea.

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22nd November 2006

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#9 11 years ago

American ... Becuase its me!

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20th July 2006

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#10 11 years ago

Carthage (theres a mod to add it to Civ 4) because its different from the Romance peoples. if there were a Mexico civ id play as them