Your Gaming Lair/Dream Gaming Lair? 37 replies

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#11 15 years ago
KnippschildI can get free OC-3 lines cuz i am just that awesome.. :D

Prove it!!!

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#12 15 years ago

....i dont get this thread? :Puzzled:


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16th April 2004

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#13 15 years ago

My "lair" is basically the spare room with a desk, 17" LCD and Mouse and Keyboard with a 7.1 Sound System up top, and my tower underneath.


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19th June 2003

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#14 15 years ago

current Lair...

Desk 19" Flat Screen CRT (notice to Hardware n00bs, flat screen and flat panel are two different things, Screen deals with surface of the glass on a Crt) Full Tower Watercooled Rig to my Left with 3 120mm Deltas and 6 80mm Assorted color Led Fans, a Second old Sony Vaio System as game Server, 2 sets of 2.1 computer speakers, coffee pot, swivel chair, Futon, and table that also stores assorted computer equipment that has seen better days, and 2up/6down Cable Internet

Dream set up:

3 of my Watercooled Compy's for Friends and Lan Play, a Freezer in the back of the room, my 19" CRT and a 27" Widescreen LCD for Movies, another couple of desktop servers to run a couple of games, all servers running silent of course...a nice Test bed and Paint niche for my modding purposes, a Girl to go with the futon, and a Geothermal Cooling unit running from my room to the ground outside.


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14th February 2004

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#15 15 years ago

A room.

With enough space to set up all my computers and their appropriate monitors and peripherals. With blinds that work. And a refridgerator. And a small bar. Yeah.


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12th November 2003

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#16 15 years ago

just an old 17inch monitor, simple and light optical mouse, nothing wireless, makes it too easy to trow out the window. well, thats it really, as long as theres an ashtray next to me, and some warm coffee.


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6th January 2006

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#17 15 years ago

A converted broom closet which is being called a dorm room

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22nd March 2005

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#18 15 years ago

I am currently typing this off of a laptop perched on my chest. This is not a good gaming lair. Dream Lair: incredibly fast connection, over 20Mbps. dark room. Elliptical trainer, rowing machine. little(if any) natural light. Fridge. Sink. Cupboard for dishes Pantry for food Massive TV. One of every gamesystem ever hooked up to the TV, as is the computer Computer: 4 processors, working together perfectly. Newest graphics card. newest OS Anti-Virus system free power sheets hanging from everywhere(partition the room and filter light). Stacked up cushioning at random places. Target Small shooting range Fire pit

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17th November 2003

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#19 15 years ago

Nice big open desk with a dark room but not pitch black so I can still see the keyboard. A nice leather chair that is big and has good neck support and an airconditionar for when it is hot. And maybe a bar fridge nearby ;)


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25th August 2003

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#20 15 years ago

I'v got my Compter and then behide me a chair for playing my xbox and n64 on my 20" ithink it's 20" T.V