Your greatest Invasion moment in RTW 3 replies

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24th March 2008

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#1 10 years ago

hey everybody! i justed wanted to ask about your greatest invasion in a RTW campaign, cause i think i have launched one of the biggest and i want to know if i'm right so honest answering please! ok, so, i was playing The Greek Cities. i had the whole lot of South asia, complete North Africa, and complete Italy itself (i know it isn't Italy in that age but now you knoy wich territory i mean) and off course, the greek cities and surrounding itself, so in total something above 50% of the complete world map. now the plan was to conquer europe and north Asia in a single invasion with a huge invasion force. the plan was to recruite a long a few years (yeah right, a FEW years, i'll explain later) and mass them on the big isle west of rome (damned! i forgot the name...) i took 50 years!!! 50 damned years to recruite all the soldiers and ships needed. they where recruited out of 14 cities! 50 years long! this is the invasion force when i finally was recruited: 1 Greek General with Retinue about +- 114.000 infantry (!!!) about +- 35.000 ships (!!!) you can imagine that there wasn't a single free spot on the island itself or the coast around it ;) finish: the campaign took about 25 years to complete, it was a succes! about 40.000 soldiers survived the battles, around 95% of the ships survived the sea fights and the commanding General died in battle (a battle for Trier or surroundings) now tell me your greatest crusade/campaign/invasion


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6th January 2009

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#2 10 years ago

I gues that was with the britons on gaul. I was just beginning but I wanted to do things different then all the other times ( expand and conquer as fast as you can with small armies ). I first dominated britannia no rebels dare to stand up against me. Then I made realy big amies made up of woud warriors and swordsmen 5 full banner and 8 family members. It was later in the game so gaul was realy powerfull ( for some reason the jullii couldn't stop them ). Sammarbovia or something was taken by the gauls and I wanted revenge it turned out to be a real fierce fight between me and the gauls with epic battles. Eventually I won and after many fights I qonquered Europe. And my navy dominated the sea.....

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11th January 2008

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#3 10 years ago

My greatest invasion was with a massive force in a small country... since I played the game before several times, I knew the Senate would eventually turn on me as the Julii, I started setting up camps of Legions on the Southern border and in the two provinces you own at the beginning. The Marian Reforms had already passed, so this were real legions, with five units cavallry, one Praetorian, two heavy, two light, ten units legionaries, five archers. All in all, 17 camps of these... I know, that was perhaps a bit TOO much but you have no idea what I already had to go through with the Senate... and I gotta say: the losses were gigantic... but I won!


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29th May 2008

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#4 10 years ago

Mine was when I was the julii(my first save game) and it was towards the end. I owned all of dentral europe with only 1 province in southern spain remaining as they had rebelled and kept doing so even after exterminating them. Greece was mine as was the northern area of greece(the balkans), africa was mine and all that was left was the far east of the map and persia and of course the italy part. Now I attacked near rome because i could and i was met with a massive army because i tookk africa and greece at the start the brutii and scipii had nowhere to go so just built up. Anyway my elite army with 6 family members with 1.2k of men was met by 3 armies going up to rouhgly 5k of men....brilliant

Massive stand of skirmish until our archers ran out of ammo then he charged me and I had sent my calvary it was fun. the reinforcements werent a problem.