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11th March 2005

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#31 16 years ago
azzerukI'd make a game called "Democrocy" Tony Blair, fed up with being Britains prime minister, leaves his wife, and go's to live a quiet life in Texas, USA, with his lover, George W Bush. Bt tony's former work collugue and best friend Gordon Brown becomes dissalutioned, saying tony betrayed him and Labour, unites all the british politacal party's and fund the liberals rise in America, the only people sticking to old values are Tony and George, but when George is kidnapped, Tony must venture in to the land of myth, legend, darkness and chaos to save him (AKA Canada) which plumeted into chaos when vancouver became its own country, tony, teaming up with french canadians once his enemy, bust raid the Russo-canadian fortress, where the new American, british, russian and isle of wyte armies lay, and have lost their way....................................................... tony must not only bring back the traditional war mongering government systems, he must also save George and face Gordon Brown in a final battle tag line : Freedom, at what price?

Good idea. Love the tag line. :lookaround:


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30th January 2005

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#32 16 years ago

I’ve had this idea for a while but first time putting it all down. Setting: Vietnam a few months before the Tet Offensive in 1968. Gameplay: Realistic 1st person shooter mixed with some RPG elements (A mix of Vietcong and Stalker). Main character: You would play a young Marine ‘fresh in from the world’. Features: Lots of weaponry from the Vietnam War M14s M16s Xm177e2s M2Carbines AKs M60s Thompson’s could go on all day but lots of weapons and a lot of old WW2 weapons the VC used. Real World physics think Stalker with bullets going through things like wood and stuff and rag dolls attached to soldiers and the terrain can be destroyed (you would notice this going out on missions where one time you might have had a big fight and a few trees got blown over and if you went back to the same place you would notice the damage is still there.) The graphics would be like a bumped up version of Vietcongs whereby they look gritty and real but not plastic and fake. All weapons would feature full 3d Iron Sights and have little details like straps also you can tape Mags together for faster reloading. Smart AI that uses cover and blah blah just smart and makes the same levels repayable. Ok so the game works like this you have one big map with your base on it somewhere and the surrounding area is all lit up and clear and the rest if all darkened out. Now the way you open up more of the map is by going out on Missions like patrols once you open up more you might find villages where you have to try and win the support of the people just avoid pissing them off and they might give you little bits of info about VC strength and camps and the like. A lot of the missions you take part in are patrols and one patrol will never be the same as the last one there will be random enemy strength and movement. In between the patrols you have the sort of story missions where you might take part in a major operation like taking a hill or attacking a major VC or NVA base. Now you play these until you have gone through a few months in the game and this changes your character you will see this in his diary or letters home. Now once you have been through these few months you take part in the last section of the game where the Tet Offensive happens and your rushed to Hue city to take part in the fighting. Now these missions are abit more straight forward you still have the smart AI to make this part to make you keep coming back but it wont be as random as the Patrol missions. Once you have fought your way through the battle of Hue City the game will end and you character might be killed or wounded so badly he gets sent home something like that cant really think of a good ending. I will touch on the overall game abit more so sorry if this bit is a bit random. Your soldier has an inventory where you can see what gear he is carrying you can choose to carry more mags or nades or LAWs. You can also choose to wear thinks like Flak Jackets which will help you take abit more damage but can mean you cant carry as much gear and you can run down stamina faster. A major character in the game will be your Sergeant, when you first start playing he will teach you things like how to spot traps and tips on fighting but in one of the main missions he will be killed and you then have to take over his squad and you can give orders and stuff nothing too complex but you have some control. Another cool feature would be weapons jamming like the M16. If you use the M16 on full auto too much it has more chance of jamming this would apply to a lot of the weapons. Also the other characters in your platoon would have personalities not just some boring Ai players. Now I posted an idea in the Vietcong forums about a custom mission feature I would have this in my game so I will just copy and paste the post onto here… “It would be on the main menu next to single player and multi player and when you go in you can make your own missions quick and easy. You would first pick from a selection of big maps with different features like one might be made of loads of streams and rivers while another would be really thick jungle. Once you have picked the map you can begin to make your mission by first setting out what kind it would be. It could be a normal patrol where you go out and find the enemy or trying to find enemy caches or maybe search and rescue. Once you have picked the mission type you can select the enemy strength and what kind of enemy like in quickfight (VC, Vc Mainforce or NVA). Then you can pick what lz to land at and be picked up at the end of the mission (you will also see the insertion when you start the mission). There could also be a random mission feature where the game would come up with one for you. Then once you have finished making your mission you can save it to play again or maybe share it with other players via fan sites. I think this would be good for modders aswell since they could make their own maps to use in the custom mission feature and share it with other people. Opinions and ideas welcome. ps. forgot to add these. Being able to pick the time of day for the mission and also how many squad members you have and what type of soldier (SF, Army, Marines, Arvn).” And that’s my idea for a game sorry if it’s a bit random and stuff but iam tired :sleep:


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10th January 2004

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#33 16 years ago

An Iraq Real Time stratagy where you can hide units in building and get suicide bombers and stuff. insurgency vs US Marines Main character Is Abdule Abass, leader of the insurgents, with an ideal of arab power and the domination of iraq by military control you will have to send out recruters to get men and then set up small training must bargain for suplis and do other countries favors to get what you need. There will be assassins to kill generals and key political figures.

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15th September 2004

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#34 16 years ago

A storm chasing game. It will use a decently advanced weather simulator with user-controllable options that allows the user to create any variety of weather conditions to chase in (mainly tornadic, but you can chase hurricanes, blizzards, lightning storms, anything you feel like). It would have a campaign mode but the stages would be based on preset settings of the simulator. This simulator will basically make sure that no 2 games are the same (but if you do want it that way, you could have that option as well). Oh yeah, the weather can kill you, among other things, so be careful. There will be some other fun stuff as well. I was actually wanting to pursue this game idea and have it basically somewhere in the back of my mind and maybe one day, I can get a company to make this for me or even make it myself.