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#1 16 years ago

yeah uh, that pic of Link next to 'gamecubenetwork.com' is in an old clip I have from IGN. He's fighting Ganon and it looks really cool. Does any one know what happened to this game??? I can't attach it because it isn't the right type of thingy

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#2 16 years ago

Here are the 2 most widely known stories they told us.

1: This was supposed to be the game, but then Miyamoto saw the direction it was going, and then wanted it to go another way, therefore he said to do a medium Zelda hadn't, and that turned out to be: Cel-Shading

2: Miyamoto had the makers put that in so that everyone thought Zelda was going to be something then it actually was, like he always does, he likes to keep fans on thier toes :D

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