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26th January 2009

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#1 11 years ago

I hate the chainsaw... it seems like when it comes to the chainsaw, it always works against me... I'll be running around with the shotgun... and here comes some ***** revin it up he'll take a point blank shot to the chest... but he doesn't stop revin.... goes str8 through it like its nothing... But what I hate even more is when I hear the chainsaw and switch to get the battle going... ooops! my saw is reving right next to him but do I get a battle? NO! I get killed... And if the first two reasons weren't enough to make m hate the game intirely I'll attempt to chainsaw someone from the back, on a sneak attack... but what happens? he turns around in a split second... no battle... I die lmao... gotta love the game ehh? NOOBS AND THERE SAW

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#2 11 years ago


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