your greatest LOL or WTF!? moment in GOW -1 reply

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24th March 2008

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#1 11 years ago

ok, what was your moment in the game when you said LOL or WTF!? cause you did or achieved something, i don't mean a sequence or similar, something YOU did, here's mine: I was trying to kill RAAM but i couldn't make it, i tried it with sniping, bow, grenades, lancer and all the other stuff, nothing worked in time. so i tried once more, 1st, shoot the Bow at him so the explosion scares away the Kryll, then 3-4 headshots with the sniper, but then he stands right in front of me already, i stay low behind my cover and throw everything at him that i've got, ie, grenades, after i'm out of grenades i blind fire my puny pistol... and kill him with that... WTF!? i shot my lancer, my sniper, my explosive bow, my grenades and then a pistol round kills him? LOL!

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29th May 2008

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#2 11 years ago

Mine has to be when I got stuck on gears 2 by a drone.bloody annoying. My mate pissed himself with laughter


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26th January 2009

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#3 11 years ago

Ok on blood drive in Gears two I was playing a submission game. I was by the stairs on the far corner of the map, where the medical looking crap is... my buddy was dragging him up those stairs and i noticed the enemies closely following. One of enemies chucked a smoke and forced my teammate to drop the old man... I followed by throwing an ink grenade in the corner and then another one right after words... Luckily I killed the whole opposing team... lol what a nade... after all the ink clears I notice something strange... The old man disappeared... The corner icon however told us that he was still in the same place. After about 10 minutes of all of us running into the corner and killing each other I look up at the ceiling his head is stuck in one of the lamps directly above I started to pistol him and his shotgun only falls down to the floor and starts shooting at everybody... just a floating shotgun... I shoot at the gun and the old guy darts down from the lamp and goes straight on top of me killing me instantly... the old man is now under the floor and no one can get to him... right then and there the game switched from a submission game to a neverending deathmatch... WTF?!?!?!?! However I got a total of 4oo something kills untill the other team finally quit out... Ratio sky rocketed lol.