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22nd July 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hello, I am Chancellor Martok. I was just now thinking that I should start a clan for all of the Star Trek Games with Klingons. All of you who like Klingons, and would be them all the Time, I welcome you. The first people to join will get the highest ranks. Like a "First come First Server" basis. I will accept all into members of the Klingon Empire. Below are the Recruiting specifications:

May Recruit: Generals (includes brigader and others) Admirals Fleet Captains Captains Commanders

May NOT reqruit: Lt Commander Lieutenant Starfleet Equivilant, Lieutenant Junior Grade Ensign Warrior 1st class Warrior 2nd class Warrior 3rd class Warrior 4th class

Players below the right to recruit may email any player in the Klingon Empire that has the athority to recruit. That Commander, or higher may then make the decission to allow that new palyer or to decline there request.

Those who would like to join the Klingon Empire may email me, at [email][/email], or [email][/email]. In order to join, You must first Copy the following document, then past it, and fill it out in your email. The First 2 people who join the Klingon Empire will have to email the document to me.

Player name: Player Identification number: Star Trek Game most Played: Fleet Admiral In Star Trek Game: Player Rank: Class desired [this may be B'rell, Negh'var etc] : Desired Ship name [the name IKS Negh'var may only be used by a Negh'var class starship. I will be controling the IKS Negh'var]: Reqruitment Date: To conclude that you Understand the Regulations, Please answere 2 questions: 1) What is the Highest Rank in the Klingon Navy?

2) Who may reqruit?

Ranks in the Klingon Marines:

Supreme General General Brigadier Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Minor Lieutenant Warrior 4th class Warrior 3rd Class Warrior 2nd Class Warrior 1st Class

Ranks in the Klingon Navy: Fleet Admiral Admiral Fleet Captain Captain Commander Lt Commander Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Ensing Warrior 4th Class Warrior 3rd Class Warrior 2nd Class Warrior 1st Class

That is all I have to say for today. Qapla'!

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