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18th November 2002

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#1 15 years ago

i've tried as hard as i can but i think i'll need to get one of the more veteran moddellers to help with this.

When i made my new race odf for the alamarians (alm.odf) and added them to the races.odf file everything went fine. I put in the proper starting units :-

standardUnits1 = "xconst.odf" // construction ship standardUnits2 = "xconst.odf" // construction ship standardUnits3 = "xconst.odf" // construction ship standardUnits4 = "xconst.odf" // construction ship standardUnits5 = "xbase.odf" // starbase standardUnits6 = "xff.odf" // frigate standardUnits7 = "xff.odf" // frigate standardUnits8 = "xcl.odf" // light cruiser

I then made a new ai for them - the question is how do u connect the new race with its ai, its getting increasingly annoying to try to play against the alamarians and they sit there and do squat - maybe move their light cruiser and frigates. Can anyone help...

Ross "Iron Fist" Mc Whirter

Main leader Star Trek A2 : Futurescapes.

PS I added a pic but please don't complain about hardly any differences - i've only been working on it for a week, actually i've got surprisingly far...