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22nd August 2002

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#1 18 years ago

thanx to captin fingers for doin his SC-4 shuttle craft, i am preparing to release AVM's first submod, SC-4! i will attempt to release today, but i really wanted to include buttons, i am really busy right now working out some other problems, and i dont have time to create them, so if anyone else wants to do them, not only will you get credit, but ill email you the file early _______________________________________ Also this mod isnt used like a hero ship, i have re-balanced the armor, so that the sc-4 class can be used as an attack ship in a fleet of other sc-4s, to work as a support group for larger vessels, if captin fingers decideds to go ahead the the rhode islnad (nova variant), that too will be released as a sub mod (i hope ) ________________________________________ so if anyone wants to do the buttons, post here or email me [email]skater96@indy.rr.com[/email]