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#1 15 years ago

Hello everybody.

Some time ago i bought the game Crimson skies, which is about aerial piracy and the like. Now im wondering: would there be interest in a mod about it?

A short bit of info: (from the site) "The year is 1937. The United States has shattered under the weight of the Great Depression, regional Prohibition and mounting isolationism. The transcontinental railroad and the budding highway system have become useless as they now cross hostile borders. Commerce and trade leave the ground as air travel¡Xonce a national obsession¡Xnow becomes a vital lifeline connecting allied countries. Giant zeppelins crisscross the skies, carrying both passengers and cargo. It is a time of gunship diplomacy and airship piracy. It is the age of the fighter pilot and a time of daredevil adventure and sinister intrigue. It is the world of Crimson Skies"

Also check There's a lot of info about this game's universe there, including pictures of planes and technology.

If this were to go through i would need modelers, since i intend to do all the rest myself.

So is there interest?

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