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Almirant Alan

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5th January 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Im doing a model whit a program called GMAX. is very similar to 3d max, but i need to export the file to a sod format. i have the exporter that activision gives, but i couldnt use it. The file of gmax finish like this *.gmax, so i couldent use the exporter. anyone know how i can export this file to sod.

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22nd October 2002

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#2 15 years ago


I must disapoint you, you can make good models, but unless you can handel the Quake 3 plugins you can't export only to P3D (Plasma 3D), and I don't recall 3DS MAX have a importer plugin for that (I have Gmax and I have contacted someone that has 3DS MAX and he would convert my models, but he couldn't open P3D, but he could (with plugin) import the Quake model, but it had no textures. And then there is Milkshape 3D, you can export SOD with a plugin you can get from (Milkshape itself also). But you need to register for $25,-- after 30 days. I have tried it, but it goes really slow and it has pritty confusing interface. And I have also found an other handy program called anim8or from it is under 1.5MB (The manual is 2.5MB) and it can import 3DS and some others and it can export it to 3DS, but it has no plugin system yet, and the models come out a bit strange (I loaded a model I made in it and exported into 3DS and loaded that in Gmax and it had no textures, and the half of the model was missing (I used Mirror to make things easier)) but this program is completly free, but is still v0.8. I am currently searching for an other free modeling program, no luck so far.

Please note these are my own experiences on these programs it could be just my computer with w98 550MHz, 128MB and the latest drivers and software of OpenGlide, Diamond Viper v770 and Direct X (latest verion 9 I think).