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2nd August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

I'll start by saying just before I lost my phone service. I downloaded a few Mods(not my own).

Major A Payne - I downloaded the BI3: borg side. The textures and ships are awsome, the best I've seen out there.

However, there seems to be other problems. Which makes me wonder if you made a patch for it.

The Ai was unplayable because it tried to build an Assimilator before the station was built (I fixed it).

The Metal, Crew and Power Nodes while in theory should be where they were. It's nearly impossible to play. The Klingons were building Negh'Vars before the Borg even built their first ship.

On a final note with this, I give the thumbs up on the ships and the idea, but it's still hard to play.

...and at this point I still don't know if this was updated so please forgive me if it was.

The SW vs ST demo - Why on Earth was this a conversion?

7 more races can be added to the game without affecting the original 6. The fact that the rebel forces and the Imperial Guard replace the Borg and Cardassians is unacceptable. Since I have the know how. I have editted these files to make them their own races and still kept the original six intact.

In fact I got bold enough to stick them in with your BI3 Mod (Major), so maybe the Borg are not original.

Gameplay so far seems the same as A1. I haven't spent alot of time enjoying the game yet(still checking for bugs).

Overall I give both these Mods thumbs up with a little adjusting.