My Dom MOD and the Jem'Hadar scout -1 reply

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30th August 2002

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#1 15 years ago

ok, some/all of you that downloaded my Dominion MOD 1.2b notice that the Jem'Hadar scout always did a kamakaze attack even when the technoilogy wasn't researched....and i have fixed it...go into the zjemdest.odf file and remove the // This is a missile missileDetonator = "gRam" lines from it.....the only reason i had it in there was beacuse when i downloaded the weapon the readme says to put it in and i did not knowing what it really meant (i know its pretty obvious, but i didn't really have a look at it....) there, thats one of the major bugs fixed....only nine hundred and ninty nine thousand nine hundred and ninty nine to go!!!!