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16th November 2002

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#1 15 years ago


I found a Mod for A1 which contains a weapon which I´d like to give to the warbird in A2. Its a forward shooting disruptor. So I thought to make the WB more realistic I could give the WB this disruptor and change the phaser so it only fires aftwards. I also found a Defiant Weapon for A1 which I´d like to add in A2. So I got 2 new questions : How can I bring A1 weapons to A2 (with all the textures and sound files) ? and How can I change the Warbird and the Defiant how I described above ? (I mean replacing one of WB´s phasers with this disruptor and changing the other one so it only fires backwards and replacing the Defiant pulse phasers) Is there a way to bring a whole ship with all its weapons from A1 to A2 ? Thx