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29th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

anyone know how to set a ships speed?

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1st September 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Well, in the ship's ODF there can be two things: -a reference to a shiptype's ODF(Speedfile is indicated there) -Speedfile is shown in the own ship's ODF

For example: The akira class:

#include "cruise1.odf"

//Name of Ship class in Ship Display window & in edit mode & tooltip unitName = "Akira Class"

//tooltips tooltip = "FED_CRUISE1" verboseTooltip = "FED_CRUISE1_V"

//Race which can build ship & starting race of ship race = "federation"

This is the first case. In the begin you see: #include "cruise1.odf"

Now, in Cruise1.odf is: (somewhere in the end) physicsFile = "scruise1phys.odf"

This 'physicsfile' is the file in which the speed is determined This is the top part of the cruise1 physicsfile:

#include "sbattphys.odf" <-this is the file in which turning speed etc. is set // Ship's full throttle forward speed when under impluse power. combatSpeed = 60 impulseSpeed = 100 warpSpeed = 440

CombatSpeed is the speed when fireing a weapon. impulseSpeed is average flight speed. warpSpeed is the speed when in warp.

You can now easily edit this. Be carefull though. if you change this, all other 'cruise1' ships will go faster. To avoid this: go to the Akira file (fcruise1.odf) and add: physicsFile = "newakiraspeed.odf" (or something else)

go to the scruise1phys.odf file (ODF/OTHER)

and save it as: newakiraspeed.odf (or an other name is you named it different)

Now change the speeds. Becarefull not to delete the #include in the physics file. cause then i think the game'll chrash.

I hope this does it for you. Also see: or: