Staff needs to inform senior admins of IP bannings... -1 reply

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#1 16 years ago

Alright, this dumbass created a new account while he was either banned or temp banned or something like that (I didn't look into this anymore than just reading what's posted in the thread). This user will just create another account, if he is to be temp banned it will have to be done via his IP & I personally think that a PM or email should be sent to him/her informing him/her that if he/she pulls this crap again, they'll be perm IP banned. A User Note should be created as well covering all of this.

The senior admins have tons of stuff to do, there's no reason why whomever can't do all of this except for the actual IP ban, however, this should be discussed with a senior admin before any action is taken to clarify that they are willing to temp IP ban or whatever.

You guys need to let senior admins know about this stuff, otherwise people will just keep creating bogus accounts = gh3y.

@dread: I don't suppose you have more free time on your hands than the other senior admins & have the ability to IP ban?

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#2 16 years ago

I have the ability to do an IP ban, but the free time depends on a lot of factors....