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10th August 2002

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#1 14 years ago

Alright, I've recieved 2 different PM's this morning/afternoon about the way I am running the JK forums, so I figured I would kill 2 (or more) birds with 1 stone by dealing with it here...

JP(NL)dude, I know you're trying to be a good moderator and all but you're taking this too seriously. I mean, all those threads you are trashing have been dead for over 8 months or even more. no-one see's them. no-one posts in them. no-one cares about them. leave them be, by moving them and trashing them, you're not helping, you're just annoying people and wasting your time. I know full well that you out-rank me and that you have a fancy admin cp and I don't, but I'm telling you this as some advice. please stop it, it's futile.:uhm:[/QUOTE][QUOTE='Dreadnought[DK]']I've seen you have taken an interrest in deleting threads/posts containing profanity etc. That is a good initiative, however, the threads you are moving have for the most part been dead for over a year. Don't you think you are being just a bit over zealous?


@JP(NL): We're on the same team here. I'm not the type to pull rank & in all reality, I'm a supermod with admin access. The only person that really "outranks" anyone here is the senior admins over us. If you have a problem (or don't agree, woteva) with the way I am handling things, we can take it to n0e or AzH & let either one of them make the final decision - no hard feelings.

@everyone: I am handling the JK forums in the manner that I am because I had recieved complaints from some of the JK users about these adolescent jagoffs who leave profane posts, so I am ruling against it altogether considering we do get little 8 yr old kids whom come into this section of GamingForums (unlike the AvP2 section where profanity is permitted). They don't even cuss in the SW movies - that's the type of atmosphere there is with the Star Wars theme so that's the way I am running it (again, at some users request).[INDENT]As for "all those threads you are trashing have been dead for over 8 months or even more. no-one see's them. no-one posts in them. no-one cares about them" - all the more reason to remove them via editing the post (which I usually do) or putting the whole thread in the trash been (which I rarely do). If no one views them anyways, then what difference does it make?

And as for "please stop it, it's futile", no it's not. It's just going to be time consuming at first, then all it takes is a weekly check on profane posts. If a user posts profanity (after the rules sticky post date, not before) then I add a User Note. If the user persists in breaking any of the rules, they may get temp banned or even permanently banned (would have to be real bad for that).[/INDENT]In case you hadn't noticed, I also mod over MoH & profanity is permitted there as long as no one complains about it. I apologize if my tactics seem too anal retentave for your own personal taste but I have yet to recieve 1 complaint about the change from any of the users.

I'm putting in the mass hours cleaning out the forums. After this is all said & done, I don't have to worry about another user worrying about an 8 yr old relative surfing the JK forums. Hell, they may even tell a friend. Now I'm sure to most of the staff out there that means little to nothing but it is something to me. It says "I did a good job" & that is worth putting in the hours, to me anyways.

The bottom line here is, none of the members have a problem with it & some of the members like the change. I'm the one who has to deal with the majority of the work in this change, so why not?

[color=red]Marker0077 LATE EDIT:[/color] @JP(NL): "you have a fancy admin cp and I don't" - huh? I use the admincp for the stuff I can't do "on the fly" in the forums like make a forum, do an IP lookup, banning a user, getting a list of users, etc; etc. I've had to go into it a bit lately because of the cleaning out but normally I don't even use it.

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17th October 2002

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#2 14 years ago

aslong as the thread does not contain any info i might be searching for, nor other sensefull posts, I don't really care if they're in the Trash can or still on the JK board. but we shouldn't see things tooooo strictly, as most ppl just don't care about tupid posts etc.