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24th October 2002

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~\ Havok /~ Team Havok

Attention gamers, Team Havok, =]H[= is looking for members skilled in all games and genres.

You will see that the current crew are mature and very skilled in the games they play. As good as they are, having 'fun' comes first and foremost, having a good attitude winning or losing is a quality of all Havok members. Im looking to make Havok a more dynamic clan. Not only the Best, but to have the respect of others and other clans.

Current members play a variety a games including BF1942/RtR/DC, NWN, Rise of Nations, Empire Earth, Age of Mythology, Command&Conquer:Generals, Diablo 2, RTCW, Warcraft3, PlanetSide and other titles.

I am also looking for leaders. In particular I'm looking for indaviduals that have time and dedication to devote, to heading up 'outfits/Divisions' to represent the clan in whatever their particular game happens to be. To represent Havok in different game titles and league gaming.

This would include recruitment of indaviduals, to fill their particular roster through the current crew and spending time looking for gamers that are not only 'good' but w/ great attitudes. Of a very upmost importance is to have members that do not have 'bad' attitudes. People that want to represent Team Havok in the best way possible, always. If you are from somewhere other than North America/Canada (say Europe) and you would like to represent Havok, but under a Euro 'outfit/division' You may also do this.

I regularly hold Lans for indaviduals in my area. I also hold Paintball outings, for some time away from the radition of your monitor Most of the current crew is located in the Pacific Northwest USA, also through out the rest of the U.S and Canada.

We have a very nice website and forums that I'm always trying to improve.

~glitch (jason)

If you think you Have what it takes to represent Havok as a member, or as a leader, contact glitch or ZyberGhost.

Http://www.team-havok.net glitch icq# 56963822 - [email]glitch@team-havok.net[/email] ZyberGhost icq# 148852313 - [email]zyberghost@team-havok.net[/email]