How to get the files for the Wildwest game -1 reply

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#1 7 years ago

Hi All

I created a link where you can download the standalone version of Wildwest. Now it is important that when you download this that you deactivate the scanner that is in it. To deactivate the scanner do the following:

1. Make sure that if scanner is running that you deselect the auto update and the Start at windows startup as follows:


2. Then go to the icon in the lower right (you may need to hit the up arrow there to see it) and click exit.

This has now effectivly shut off the scanner we will not be using. For the scanner we are currently promoting see this thread: Hang Em High :: View topic - HOW TO CONNECT TO THE HeH USA and HeH EU SERVERS

Now for the file link... you can get the SA version here: [size=18] - download page for setup_WildWest1.613_Complete_v23.exe[/size]