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20th August 2003

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#21 15 years ago

In some way it is good to get rid of players for intance the player with bad behavior, swearing etc at the dev team etc the other day. Now the admin for rr speaking this way I expect that we get rid of that player that server.

But the suggestion in generel is completely unimportant and probably with hidden intension. The game is almost dead, both rtcw and ww. Where I live you can't buy it in the shops anymore. The ww game is about 40-50 people all knowing eachother. Sometimes a new player join but also quickly leave. Very seldom a player stay in the game for long time. There will probably be more activities after 1.6 release but for how long time? will the game slow down again waiting for a new version? will there be a new release after 1.6?

Another question. How many of the new players do you think looking this forum before they play ww first time? IMO not many. And if the read it I think that they probably will avoid at least one of the servers you mentioned in the threadstart or?

The best result of your question is that a few groups of players play each server and perhaps each version of the game. Then we all are satisfied playing on the server and with the players we like most :).


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10th December 2003

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#22 15 years ago

Well there Bite Me;

Of course you had a less than stellar experiece on that server.... You're WW tags ensured that. (You would be discriminated against in my hypothecal scenario of course)

And here you have kicked the hornets nest by maligning that server by name. Surely this will draw out some commentary... But by whom you ask??

Isn't it interesting that although the admin/admins in charge won't be able to arbitrate your incident and reconcile the particulars to prevent further such undesirable experiences (they can't without stepping into the daylight) a certain number of players with real or fake names and related to a similar tag (save for an additional vowel) will unnaturaly be drawn to this thread and compelled to comment on this issue.

C'mon let's hear from those "disinterested" third parties!! (a feather is heard falling through the air)

It's a catch-22. The more that they come to rationalize the status of said server and it's aloof administator.. the more clear thier ties to it become. The clearer thier ties become; he more apparent it is to see that they are disengenious.

What a tangled web to weave.... But let your hearts be not troubled;the invisible hand of the free market is the most effective means of natural selection.

I'll revisit this later, for I have more to divulge but must currently attend to some pressing matters of commerce.



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25th March 2003

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#23 15 years ago

i think at some point we all have said this and that ,some worthy of a ban but i know other players who have done worse make total fools out of the community and ,,no gamesmanship and cheat there arse off .. this being very bad so yes it good to get rid of the bad players but they need to stay away and not come back as some else for example

skins wasnt bad ,,,just out of order