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16th September 2003

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#11 16 years ago

if you want to continue this, do it here. ^ ^

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25th June 2003

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#12 16 years ago

First @ Ahz & Donitz. Please let us deal with our members please, Squint's a good guy Who hasn't made waves here. He even is the one responsible for our new theme music (composed and performed) that you get with the start up menu. @ Squint. If you notice I try to steer (sp:D) conversations back to topic and will only delete/edit posts if they are beond levels that we (mostly) have agreed on. I only close threads that folks refuse to be guided back onto (and that's very rare) The only Threads that have been deleted (and these are only soft deleted so can be resurected if needed) are:

  • Old cases in the courthouse (Iggy's call) i.e. folks that have made good don't need there past out there for others
  • threads that have gone extremely bad (i.e. we did have a problem with this several months back)
  • Threads that have been started by folks that have been permabaned by upper level admin (this takes extreme actions) are not deleted but due to a bug in the vb script that drives these forums they become invisible

Also Squint, though there has been some talk lately about editing/closing of threads there actually hasn't been much of that in these forums (you want bad try some of the other areas of gf. I'd hate to see ya leave us Squint @ any member of the wild west community, if you have issues or questions about anything (actions & the like) feel free to pm or email me. {update} Well Ahz has a special thread for you to post comments and feedback in located Here so I'll reclose this thread.

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