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Wild west mod of RTCW

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23rd April 2003

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#31 16 years ago

right rebel iam .right behind what SHOT said amen SHOT:bows: ...mate like me were fairly new to the change over to WW...and ur always a pleasure to have on my team .always dump a load of ammo on me .and never once have i seen anything to discreded your mate ship or tactics, ur always in the right spot when i call 4 ammo ...never fear m8 ...ive had to get a fairly thick skin.some new players none from the WW community have ,called me an idiot, thnx PAP 4 back up there :nodding: ..to being called voted to be kicked ,cause my ping was 350 ? at least 5 times ...i,m with you after a while it starts to make you snarl..dragon gave me a good tip.how to get these offenders traped in the logs in admin server end ...looking forward to havin a blaze with ya mate,:beer: cu Deadeye :lol: ps i would like to name wolfplayer as a dirty player ,not for the times he has called to kick me .but what ive seen him do to MINI EYES . annie .....seriosly bad TK ,stabbin her in the back repetadly at spawn ...enough said !!!!

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19th January 2004

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#32 16 years ago
-Glory As Esteban-I make no pretences about it - I'm not too keen on guys like Biggus. At times he's arrogant and unchivalrous. I've also been called names by him, without provocation.[/QUOTE] Well I'm not too keen on guys who call me "prick" either. And yes, I called you "poodle" (animal which shouts and run just after) because you called me "asshole" and disconnected just after. Believe me, I'm nice with nice people. But I can be really tough when I'm offended.
-Glory As Esteban-The time in question when I duelled Biggus, I was having a bad day. I should never have gone online.[/QUOTE] And I was supposed to know that? Was I responsible of your problems?
-Glory As Esteban-But then that's you guys to a tee. When guys like me get beat, you rub it in as much as possible. You're seldom gracious in victory. Then you wonder why I start swearing at you.
We restarted the rounds each time to give you more time. We restarted the round when I was about to win it. And I'm seldom gracious in victory? Woaw! I missed something here... [QUOTE=-Glory As Esteban-]However, what Biggus didn't show you was the next time I met him, I wiped the floor with him over several rounds. Remember Biggus? So much so he gave up and joined the Spectators. I'm not one to brag but I don't want people to get the wrong idea about me with one incident.

Well I have a real life too, you know. Remember the "real life"? The little unimportant thing that occurs when your computer is off?

[Quote=Gringo Starr]Biggus, you can't say it came out of the blue though! IMHO, you guys were talkin trash, he just resorted to foul language.

Well Gringo, I have to agree with that. In fact, I thought he was taunting me (I'm not totally awaked in the morning) and because he's a good player, I played hard as well. And the more he offended me, the more I played hard and taunted him. But the foul language remained on the same side.

Now that I read again the log, I see I was wrong to consider he were taunting me. So for this misunderstanding, I do present my sincere apologies. Obviously I was wrong to think he was taunting me and that he was likely to be taunted.

This said, I will not accept to hear offense towards French people in general (remember your discussion about French people with Horseshoes, Gloria?) and towards myself. If anyone dislikes my tactics, I will discuss about it with a great pleasure. This forum is made for this too. So Gloria, try to speak to me without foul language and you will see that I can be an excellent interlocutor.



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24th March 2003

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#33 16 years ago

quote "Passdabong - no offense mate, but do you think you could use proper English? I have a hard time understanding what you've said."

plain and simple shut up and play ,or risk being remove ,,everyone is sick

nothing personal we just all had your whining

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15th March 2004

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#34 16 years ago
Gloria As EstebanOf course Rebel had every right to protect the walls. But using bombs at this stage is not something I would ever do. Not when it's 2vs2[/quote]if you feel you would like other players to play your way, you could always state this...not complain about it after the fact. as for using bombs, cocktails, etc...i use whatever i have to achieve the objectives of the game...thats why they're provided. in the rules of the server, it does not state that when the teams are small, refrain from using explosives...maby if you want to start your own server, you can have silly little rules like that.
Gloria As EstebanNot only that, but waiting in ambush is lame.[/quote]so i should just stand there out in the open and let me you shoot me? gee...that sounds like a tonne o' fun!
Gloria As EstebanIf the teams were larger, then by all means use TNT, bombs, molotovs, and camp the place like mad.[/quote]you do that when the teams are small to! its called protecting the objective.
Gloria As EstebanHe could have used colt/henry to deter me from planting.[/quote]but...i didn't. i excercised my free will, and used the weapon of the day for me. [quote=Gloria As Esteban]Another 'dirty' tactic I see a lot these days, not just in Wild West but in regular Wolf and ET, is intimidation. Some guys think it's ok to come charging up to you in an attempt to scare you into submission or make mistakes. It's just a form of online bullying, and should definitely be discouraged by server admins.
lol...attempt to scare you into submission?...online bullying? ...its a game! and i'm sorry, but i'm not gonna stop 4 feet in front of you and start shooting, because you think i'm invading your personal space (which, BTW, doesn't exist in cyberspace) also, if you've seen this on other servers, with no complaints (aside from your own) maby theres a problem with your tactics. (i also want to add that i've played RtCW and ET and CoD since they've been released, and i've NEVER seen anybody complain about someone running up to a player to dispatch them...) [quote=Gloria As Esteban]I'm not saying Rebel was directly guilty of it in this case but I don't think he makes any special effort to respect other player's personal space either.
umm...see above statement. [quote=Gloria As Esteban]This evening he again dived at me with the Volley, forcing me to make a statement about his behaviour. I realise that the Volley requires close quarters to be effective, but the manner in which he uses it is not acceptable to me.
like i said in game last night, would you like me to message you before i start shooting? [quote=Gloria As Esteban]And before anyone tries to make out I have no friends, I get on well with Cisco and, for the most part, Horseshoes. They seem to understand the concept of fair play. Other people who make my 'A' list are - Bite Me!, the two El Dragons, La_Cucarracha, Oneshot, Marvinista, the two Milkybar kids, Invader, Ignatio, Jaden.

and yet, i don't hear any complaints from them about my dirty tactics whatssoever! what do you suppose that means? inconclusion: i will not be changing my tactics, you have stated yourself the volley gun is a close quarters weapon, how i chose to move around in those close quarters is totoally up to me! if you feel threatened when a cyberspace charecter is coming towards you, then may i suggest a strategy game for you?

-Glory As Esteban-

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31st May 2004

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#35 16 years ago

Lol - I have to laugh at the lengths some people go to in order to defend their dodgy tactics. Unlike Biggus, who it seems I misjudged and who has at least a few good qualities, Rebel*****************. I think you know what you are telling me is a pack of bull. Personal space DOES exist in cyberspace, of course it does. Why do you think there as so many issues with teammates blocking doorways etc? As for no-one else commenting on your tactics, I think you get away with it for several reasons. 1. Your face happens to fit with the community 2. People have gotten used to that type of play 3. These issues are just beginning to come to the fore in FPS team games 4. You pretend you're doing nothing wrong, and people are foolish enough to believe you By the way, now that I know your position, I'll be sure to dispatch you promptly next time you're online. And as for your strategy game suggestion, stick it up your backside.

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13th June 2003

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#36 16 years ago

OK, this has gone far enough... We've all seen these things esculate before. I'm not letting this one go any further.

What we have here, for the most part, is a debate about tactics. That's all good. We all fall some where between the idea of "If people were attacking my home, would I stay behind the river?" and "This is a game, we need to play fair and limit our responses to match the ability/machine handicap of the other players." That part of this thread was an interesting debate. What we can't allow is it to become a personal attack on players. Then it is no longer a game. That's not directed at any one, but to all of us.