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7th December 2003

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#51 15 years ago

Hi Grimmy. No shuffle that I know of. But we have great players that will often jump to weaker teams to keep things fair. We have a great community of players in the WildWest!! Now download the 1.6 and get out there so we can roast ya with the molitoffs!!!


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3rd February 2004

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#52 15 years ago

earthlink lied to me! haha it turns out that i am 365 feet away from the nerest sbc link tower so even though the guy got me an acount with earthlink I couldnt get dsl or cable. It dosent mater witch company i go though it comes down to sbc taking there time to get there connection further. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate dial up! so I am stuck with dial up forever. My anti virus,windowsupdate realy mess with my connection on this new comp Ill try to DL 1.5 and the new versions at my brothers house and try to play anyways, I know i cant play on the uk servers my ping is always over 400 when i tried to play a wile ago :-(


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7th October 2003

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#53 15 years ago

Have you tried looking at satellite Internet? Like DirecPC or something? Might be better than dialup...

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25th June 2003

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#54 15 years ago

thats great for surfing but can you imagine his lag as info is sent back and forth via satalite? if I remember correctly from public television doing an artsy bit for the herald of 1984 (new years) they had a french dancer dance a duet with himself via satalite link from the US. they had him dance his piece infront of a large TV screen and bounced that feed off satalights to the us and back to him. It was about a 2 second delay (or gaming terms a 2000 ping.)


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27th January 2003

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#55 15 years ago

I know some people that use sattelite internet and they get great pings in games. I'm thinking of trying it too, because something is really wrong with my internet. Every 2 or 3 minutes, I get lag spikes which end up killing me, because the screen locks for a few seconds saying Connection Interrrupted. Then when it's done I'm on the ground calling for Esteban! It's like this for other games too.

DirecTV has a great internet service by sattelite called DirecWAY. ;)


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15th June 2005

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#56 15 years ago

sticky this thread please to allow others a quick place to DL the Beta