14-year-old boy impersonates cop 30 replies

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18th November 2004

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#11 10 years ago

Hah, and they arrest the kid and send him to juvie court...if I were in charge, I'd be more pissed at the cops for letting that slip through the cracks, and I'd give the kid a pat on the back and a job offer the moment he turns 18 for being that clever.

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#12 10 years ago

Sounds like the kid was smarter than the cop he partnered up with. Sod putting him in jail, they should give him a commission.

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9th August 2003

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#13 10 years ago

It certainly makes a statement about the thoroughness of Chicago police work.



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17th May 2006

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#14 10 years ago

Was it really necessary to pit the kid in the pin?


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28th December 2004

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#15 10 years ago

It seems that the guy has some severe mental problems and needs help:

On Monday, Watkins, pastor of Bethlehem Star Missionary Baptist Church in Englewood, painted a picture of a boy whose obsession with becoming a cop and troubles at home led him astray.

The 8th grader at Gillespie Elementary School pleaded not guilty to the charges before Juvenile Court Judge Andrew Berman.

Broad-shouldered and muscular, he stood before the judge with his hands cuffed behind him. Although only about 5 feet 3, he looked mature for his age.

The judge ordered the boy held for a psychological evaluation until his next court appearance on Feb. 27. For more than a year, the boy was a police explorer, shadowing cops and hanging out at the Englewood District, where he presumably picked up police lingo, Watkins said.

He was kicked out of the program after he was arrested in December 2007 when officers spotted him dressed in police clothes near the Englewood District station and grew suspicious because of his young appearance.

After a juvenile court judge assigned him the boy's temporary care, Watkins said the boy lived with him and his wife until recently and flourished under a more structured lifestyle.

The boy was arrested Saturday in police-issued cargo pants, a vest with a name tag and boots and also had a handcuff case and keys, an empty holster and a fake police badge, prosecutors said. Some of the police paraphernalia may have been stolen, Watkins said, but the boy bought some gear at a police uniform shop.

Source: Boy who impersonated cop had done it before - Chicago Breaking News

Nevertheless, Chicaco police haven't exactly covered themselves with glory...

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14th February 2006

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#16 10 years ago

That kid should be an undercover officer. If he can nearly flawlessly impersonate a cop, imagine what he could do in the criminal underworld

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29th May 2008

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#17 10 years ago

Maybe he just wanted a friend...


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1st January 2005

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#18 10 years ago

Found this video of it, but no video or pic of the kid yet: [COLOR=Blue]Breitbart.tv » 14-Year-Old Cop Impersonator Goes On Traffic Patrol[/COLOR]

I think I like this story even better though: [COLOR=Blue]Police charge stripogram cop impersonator • The Register[/COLOR]

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7th November 2005

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#19 10 years ago

Sounds like the cops win this one. They get a free day of work from an officer they didnt have to pay.


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10th May 2007

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#20 10 years ago

I guess he was big for his age.