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#1 7 months ago
A slip-up by supermarket Asda in an online order saw a woman charged £930 for a single banana.  

Bobbie Gordon, from Sherwood in Nottingham, said she was shocked to be billed £930.11 for the piece of fruit - instead of 11p. 


It prompted her credit card company's fraud team to stop the payment going through, and text her about the more than £1,000 bill. 


Ms Gordon said Asda has apologised for the "computer error". 


"I told my seven-year-old 'you must really enjoy this banana, you must cherish every mouthful'," she said.

Good that isn't it, someone misses a decimal point and an old lady has her account emptied.

Annoys me personally when they thing these things are just minor. It'd cripple me if this happened to me.

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