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Hello, everyone. I'm offering my services for FREE! You heard me right, FREE! Read on for more details about what you can win and how to enter. Do you need a promotional video for your next great singleplayer game? Having trouble with a soundtrack for your mod? Need a logo for your development team or your modification? Read on! What you could win: - A free promotional video for your next mod - A free soundtrack for use as background music in your mod - A free logo animation for your team and/or your mod How to enter: - Post, e-mail me (chemical.reaper@gmail.com), or message me a letter (as long or as short as you like) describing your modification's story or plot. - Email or PM me your preferred method of contact (e-mail or PM) As I said, this is a great opportunity for you. What have you got to lose? If you've been having a hard time with background music or making promo/beta/alpha videos or a team logo, this is your lucky day! Terms & Conditions: - If you win, you must provide me with your preferred contact information - You must provide me with gameplay footage you want me to use in the beta/alpha/promo videos - You may have up to 3 beta videos, 3 alpha videos, and 2 promotional videos made for you - You will receive 2 soundtracks - the first is a promo/demo to see if you like the music. The second will include any/all adjustments you want me to make - Your team logo will be animated (if desired). You may have up to 3 team logos (each designed to your specifications) Legal Notices and Cautions: - Credit must be given to Chemical.Reaper regarding all videos and music - The logos will become your property and you may do whatever you want with them. - Music and videos will be copyrighted under a Creative Commons No Derivatives License. Thanks, good luck, and happy modding! - Chemical.Reaper

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