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#1 6 years ago

So in regards to this thread, I decided to look and see if any other sites out there had any good places to start, and so I found a few thoughts on the matter on wikihow. I've quoted their steps and added a brief commentary to each. If possible, I would like each of us to give at least one idea to each of these steps and see what we can come up with:

1. Advertise your forum on other forums or websites. If advertising at a forum, be sure to put it in the advertising section or in your sig. For websites, you could try putting it in the guestbook or hooking up with the affiliates page. This step is a major key in getting new members. When advertising your forum, you may want to put the advertisement in the form of a mondo, eye-catching banner.

This is so easy it's not even funny. If you use steam and play a lot of games on steam, have your name like this:

*Your normal name* + *(www.Gamefront.com)*


Computernerd (Gaming News | Game Reviews | Game Videos | Downloads |Mods | FileFront)

Or something similar and have a gamefront avatar made that we can wear at all times. I suppose we could also make a bind that says, "Don't forget to visit Gamefront.com for all your gaming and modding needs!" Or something to that effect.

2. Spruce your forum up and make it fancy and unique. Visitors will be more obliged to join a forum that is well-combed. Try getting a good skin, good images, good smiles, and think up some good topics. If you can, try to put some features on your forum that aren't common on some of the more popular ones.

Tbh, I don't think we have too much trouble in this area, if I do say so myself :p

3. Try your best to shine the light on all your members. If any member feels left out or is being mistreated, then they're most likely going to leave. Not only did you just lose a member, but you probably lost the member's ability to promote your forum.

Again, I don't really think we have too much of a problem with this, for the most part, but I'm sure there were forums, or members, that we didn't give enough attention to, so we'll see.

4. Do everything in your power to keep your forum active. Visitors don't like to join dying forums, so be sure you can post something every day or so. If you're presenting something new every now and then, your current members will probably follow.

If you haven't guessed, most of these are pretty obvious.

5. Create contests. For example, you could give someone moderator status for whoever helped out the most or something. You should make the contest meaningful and the prize worth fighting for. For instance, if you're a multimedia/movie/music related forum, you can give your users some DVD, video or such multimedia software.

This one in particular hits home for me, because we've had lots of ideas and thoughts on contests, and we've had contests (i.e. babe forum), but somewhere along the line, I guess we just forgot about them.

I've got plenty of ideas for contests that we can employ right now. Granted, most all of them involve rep as a reward, but everyone wants rep, so that's still a good idea.

Another thing: I think the forum staff system should be entirely revised, as in how we choose members for modship and promotion should be changed a bit. We need to set specific standards so that the right people do get hired, and that does require getting to know people and giving them a warm and friendly welcome, but it's absolutely necessary.

This is something I did for a while a couple months ago to try to get new members to stay with us. I had a message that I wrote down that I would send to all new members that would outline all the forums and explain what they are (if you like, I can PM you the message).

Bottom line, this is really a call to action; we need to restore Filefront to its former glory!

Who's with me?!

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#2 6 years ago


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#3 6 years ago

Regarding your first point.

As much as I like this place, and for as much time I've spent here - I don't think I should be expected to go around getting booted from forums for advertising, or including the URL to something I don't own in my online user names, just because the owners of the forum have decided that they don't give a shit about us or this forum any more. Marketing of their web properties is their problem, and people get paid a good wage to do so.

If they were to offer me a salary, and a company horse, I'd do it in a heartbeat. It's something I used to do. But I'm not going to become the GameFront Marketing Executive off my own back, I'm afraid. I've always had a URL to the place on my site, which receives zero visitors, and that's the best I can do I'm afraid.

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#4 6 years ago

Let's blackmail GF's main CEO to make more advertising to this forum.

Also, how about advertising on FB? We've got a Gamefront facebook page... Why not a Filefront one? Besides, we "know" people on our Facebook, so it's a tad easier to convince them.