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17th June 2003

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#31 16 years ago

From what I have read in various places in the $800 - $1500 range in the U.S. However, I don't know how much the licences cost to own one.

Alternatively you could just go to a war-plagued country and pick one up for a few dollars due to the sheer number of them, good luck with customs though. :lookaround:


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31st January 2004

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#32 16 years ago

Definitely go with an AK/WASR-10/MAK-90 if you want a cheap fun semi. Picked my WASR-10 up earlier this year for around $500 with a 30 rnd mag, 20 rnd mag, sling, and around 100 rnds of ammo. Not necessarily up to par on an actual AK but quite fun. AR15's are a little more expensive but they make for an equally nice saturday plinking rifle and the ability to change out upper receivers and accessories gives some nice options for what you want in the rifle. If you're up for something in the .308/7.62x51mm range, go for a PTR-91 as they're selling for around $700 and seem to make for a nice tack driver. I've got mine ordered and on the way. You could go with the Century manufactured CETMEs and G3s for around $400-500 but their record is still a little too spotty for me when I can order a rifle that, from everything I've seen and been told, is well manufactured. Other than that, pick up a copy of Shotgun News and thumb through the pages to see what kinda deals are out there or stop in at the AR15.com forums to see what they say.


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21st February 2004

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#33 16 years ago
TIKIdude, get a .22. very fun and incredibly cheap then spend your money on somthing usefull. I like guns and they are fun to shoot, but stick with presents and hand-me-downs. or if your like roarthealmighty (that lucky spaoiled queer :mad: ) then you can get good 'ol pa to buy it all for ya.

wtf are you talkin about you ass? my dad didnt buy me that, i bought it with my money i saved for 4 frickin months!!!

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15th May 2003

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#34 16 years ago
Originally Posted by Darkness Knight 15 I'm not one for guns, so I'll just stay quiet...... good idea.

Your advice has been duly noted, and ignored. I'll post if I want to, and you won't whine about it, ok?


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18th November 2004

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#35 16 years ago

i say get an ar-15 if you can


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27th May 2004

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#36 16 years ago

Garands, Springfield 1903A, Kar98 (1943 German Nazi stamped) are very expensive guns. I say go for a Lee Enfield NO.4. They were produced like Model T's and were as good as any guns. They have one of the smoothest bolt action and has less recoil than the K98. They are easy to modify and use as sport hunting. The only thing I have to complain about is the bullet; they are British .303 rounds. Meaning that they are very expensive compared to K98 bullets. Every 100 rounds is around 92 dollars; while 1000 K98 rounds are about 200 dollars.


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9th February 2004

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#37 16 years ago

Karabiner 98's are certainly not expensive when compared to Lee-Enfield No.4's; the two rifles in question are virtually the same in price, around $200-300. You can get new commercial .303 or 8mm Mauser ammunition, and at a hell of a lot cheaper price than what R4DG listed. Of course there is mil surp, and if you want, browse around here: www.cheaperthandirt.com A decent M1903A3 Springfield bolt-action is roughly around $600. A CMP M1 Garand can range anywhere from $600 to over $1,000 depending on what kind of grade you want. A new SA M1 Garand is around $1,200.