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10th February 2004

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#1 13 years ago

right now and a little while ago i think i heard gunshots. i've never heard anything but a shotgun in real life but by the sound i think it's probably is pistol or a rifle. the sounds are close together and sometimes they overlap. i live in a mid-upper class neighborhood. our house is across a cornfield and our nearest neighbors across the field, where the shots are coming from, are about 3/4 of a mile away. this has been going on for maybe 3 or 4 years, mostly on the weekends, always after 10 pm. it stops around 3 am, i sometimes stay up playing games that late. it's past the 4th of july, so i don't think they're shooting off fireworks or even pipebombs. i told my parents about the noise but they're not worried. i'm not afraid for my life, but its kinda unnerving. i know a girl i went to highschool with and she lives closer to where the shots are coming from. i've thought of calling her, in the daytime, and asking her what she thinks about the shots. i don't know why i started this thread, i guess because no one thinks it's important, but i sure as hell do. wtf are people doing at 10pm, pitch black outside, doing shooting off guns?! there isn't any firing range or something like that around here. my older brother used to come downstairs and we'd watch robot chicken together, but now he's afraid [paranoid. sometimes he's weird about stupid stuff.] that if it's a rifle, a shot could break a window or something. there is a rock pit and further down the road a quarry, but that's the only place i can think that someone would be shooting a gun. maybe target practice? idk but that's all i can come up with. he thinks it's some 'dumb mother****** who likes to shoot their guns off for no damned reason.' i could agree with that, but i think i know all the people in my neighborhood, unless it's someone that came out from the city, and then there are a lot of other possibilities. it's not like the shots keep me from sleeping, but it interupts a tv show or when i'm playing my games. i've started to lock all our doors, for fear [maybe paranoid] that something could happen. EDIT: i thought of calling the police but, i'd 1.] have to go over my father's head to do it since he says i shouldn't worry about it. and i really don't want to anger him. 2.] what if it's nothing and i wasted their time? i might get fined for doing that. and HELL no am i going to sneak out and go MetalGear and try to spy on them. if they shots get closer or louder i think i'll press my father more with my concerns.

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#2 13 years ago

Have you tried notifying the police?


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22nd September 2002

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#3 13 years ago

Shooting the pesky neighborhood cats? Shooting rats,coons? Put on some dark clothes and spy on them one night and find out.

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#4 13 years ago

Heh, if it's that disturbing, what Riles said would be my advice, I can completeley understand the unerving part, as guns just freak me out. >_



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19th October 2004

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#5 13 years ago
├čeef Put on some dark clothes and spy on them one night and find out.

bad idea he will jsut get shot.... :uhm: no seriously you should call the police or just go shoot whit them ;)

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#6 13 years ago

is some places it is legal to shoot varmints. you dont need to turn anyone in to find out , just call you police comunity desk or non emergency line and ask. even if its legal where you live, it may not be legal to do it at night.


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#7 13 years ago

In some states its legal to fire guns on your property as long as its big enough and you do it safely and it doesnt but the crap out of the neighbors with the noise. So probably it keeps going on because nobodys complained about it yet. If its legal in your state then you could probably call the police non emergency number and let them know, and then they will just go have a chat with your neighbors and tell them to stop. If its not legal in your state, same thing, call the non emergency number and just tell them whats going on. In that case however, your neighbors may end up in some deep shit.


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27th January 2003

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#8 13 years ago

I'd head over there and watch them. Get some nightvision binoculars, and make base on a hill or in some dense bushes and observe what they are doing. Be very patient and slow though, don't get caught. :p

Actually, if I were you, I'd notify the police.



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12th June 2005

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#9 13 years ago

I would notify the police. I would'nt try to spy on them cause they could be some sorta psychos and try to kill you if they see you. :)


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#10 13 years ago

you should already have your doors locked already, lol. Just walk on the nearest sidewalk/path and walk casualy to their house, and see what they're doing. Or go by their house in the day, and see if they have targets set up or something. The only other alternative is that maybe they're shooting vermin or birds or something.... Maybe shooting at sandbags.. Many possibilities, but obviously if it goes on more than one night, then obviously they're not shooting eachother/anyone.

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