ah yes, bless those wonderful people that make viruses. 58 replies

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Flames on fire?

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14th February 2004

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#51 17 years ago

I installed auto updates on my PC and I seriously hope the Sasser worm won`t strike me!



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30th March 2003

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#52 17 years ago

It's weird, I've used many different virus scanners and I've gotten some different results. Some scan and find none, ever, even though I update them regularly. But others, after I install 'em, find maybe 1 or 2....

German police are positive they've got the creator of the sasser virus. I've heard bits and pieces about this, and I think he's an 18 year old student. I hope he gets fined a lot...


God Send Death

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10th January 2004

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#53 17 years ago

Or jail time...and a fine...the stupid bastard!


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9th February 2004

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#54 17 years ago

I will someday make a virus just like the one featured in Office Space.

However, this time, it will work.

And oh, how beautiful it will be. Oh yes.

Mihail Advanced Member

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19th January 2003

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#55 17 years ago

it worked in the movie too. All you have to do is burn down the company when your done



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30th January 2004

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#56 17 years ago

does anyone know WHY the y even bother to make viruses? Is it just tht they are social retards or they are working for Al-Qaeda or they are just PRATS?

Kerian Advanced Member

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31st December 2032

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#57 17 years ago

it's cause they get a rush from knowing that they have got round a piece of tech and fucked up a load of peoples computers.

Mr. Matt Advanced Member


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17th June 2002

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#58 17 years ago

I have two words for it. Latin readers may recognise these words (as complete BS):

Stupidus Looserus


nghey, for glavin out loud

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9th May 2004

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#59 17 years ago

WOW, what does that mean? Stupid losers mebi? lol. They should be put on a boat, taken to sea and bombed! :devil: